Hello there, I’m Kati.

This is what I wrote in

October 2017:

I finished school this year and have been travelling around since then. I took some awesome pictures the last months and have been dwelling on the idea of sharing them somehow, and after weeks of planning and thinking I’m ready to show you all.

If you love food, cultures, travelling, clothes…. I would love for you to join me on this journey.

New blog post every sunday 5pm, so keep your eyes peeled for that.

I have no idea what is going to happen.. but I’m exited!!


oh also, I love dogs.

March 2018:

You can see that that concept did not quite work out like what so ever. Now it’s just me writing down everything that happened each day during my time in Brighton, and me posting pictures that may as well have been taken on a Nokia 3310. I talk about food and complain about boys, the weather and well, food.

I don’t have a clue what’s going to happen but I am exited and love dogs.

ktk80 xx

June 2018:

Alrighty let’s give this lil page another update shall we. Well I’m back in good ol’ Germany and am now bored to death and this page is basically saving me from dying (most times). I literally have no clue what’s going to happen like no clue at all. My life could change tomorrow (that would be cool) but I’ll make sure to update you on it. I post when I’m bored which is turning out to be every single day or when I have to complain about boys (still), food, the weather and also since recently my weight and ear. So enjoy.


October 2018:

I live in Leipzig. I’m a student. 99.7% of this is pure crap. Enjoy the other .3%

Not complaining too much about boys anymore cause like, there are none in my life. Not so much about food either, cause I’ve actually gotten pretty good at cooking if I say so myself. Working on a THING, you’ll see. My new found struggles are money, night busses and the lights on my bike. So enjoy… I guess.


ps. just re-read the first ”abouts” and I still love dogs. I miss mine a lot!

November 2018:

just real quick I’ve given up the THING cause Uni is hard and I’m dumb.

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