unordinary 25

album of the day:

I woke up somewhat late (at like 9) and with a stomach full of cheese. But I slept well. I considered going on a run but that thought disappeared the second I smelled coffee and heard my mom setting the table downstairs. On today’s agenda was a good old late breakfast/ brunch. No one touched the cheese lol I wonder why. We (with that I mean I) even got my sister to join (at 11AM!). Had to wake her up and feared dying but she actually was quite nice. We had bread rolls, jam and hummus at the ready while listening to chrsitmas music. Then I did a crossword puzzle before we drove to the lake for a good old dog walk. The sun was shining, I wore all the layers so I wasn’t cold.

For lunch I made the usual soup with all veggies and tofu, drank some christmass-y tea and ate biscuits. Now everyone is somewhere scattered around the house taking naps, chilling or- well, writing posts.

It’s 5. Think we’ll have coffee soon. Don’t know what else we’ll do. We’ve never been home on the 25th. Oh we also called my grandparents earlier which was rather chaotic.

I had a tea while doing another crossword. Also had biscuits. The coconut ones are one of my faves. I was gonna cook myself the standard tomato puree and veggies for dinner because that way I could control what goes in, how much fat was gonna be used (none), would know exactly how many calories that would be and cook a dinner that wouldn’t satisfy me and make me wake up at 3a.yeut as we are killing that super ego I decided to yell at my mom (I was stressed, it’s very difficult to just become superior over something that’s been controlling your life for years) telling her to just cook anything. BEST DECISION EVER. We got the traditional sunday dinner with all the cauliflower, potatoes, veggie schnitzel, crumbs and ketchup! Also tomato and mozzarella (I ate cheese!).

For dessert there was chocolate mousse which I pretended to hate even tho it wasnt half bad but I really didn’t enjoy it very much and was really full.

Then i continued a frustrating crossword while the fam was playing monopoly. Also ate a lindt ball (so good!!!) and had peppermint tea. Then I watched the crown in bed (you fell asleep in episode 10 minute 16) and now it’s 8:48, everyone’s still asleep I just got a lovely message from panama2 and I’m nervous about the 3 course menu I’m dishing up tonight. Fingers crossed.

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