merry happy holiday! the big day is finally here!!! There’s a jesus (if you believe that if not that’s fine. We’ll just celebrate the food, the people or nothing at all). I’m here for giving people stuff and eating all the cheese later.

I just finished wrapping all the presents. But let’s start from the beginning aka 5am.

I woke up at 5 am. Then I was just lying and didn’t even touch my phone for an hour but bc I couldn’t go back to sleep I started watching youtube videos. I slept again from like half 7 to 9 (had a horrendous dream that I send myself a voice note about when I woke up) and finally got up, took a shower (like a christmas eve shower with all the moisturizers, shampoos, conditioners and shaves). Then I went downstairs and had the usual porridge whilst doing a crossword puzzle with the mother. At 12 I went on a walk but had to pee super badly the whole time so I couldn’t really enjoy it. Don’t even know what the podcast was about. At 2 I made a salad and a sandwich. Then we listened to peter alexnader and my mom got all nostalgic cause she’s been listening to that vinyl since she was a kid decorating the tree. Then we went on another walk (empty bladder this time). And now I’m in my room with the big yankee candle lit, all presents wrapped and about to head downstairs to listen to the schweinachtsmann, eat all the biscuits and drink a large cup of coffee in order to stay awake later than 9pm today.

all bicitus have been eaten, the cappuccino has been had and all the songs from the schweinachtsmann are stuck in my head. I shall now get ready for our weird fancy picture.

I wore the onepiece I wore for my graduation- with a hairtie in the back. Was kind of fun actually- we posed like the royals. Then I got to wear my weekday outfit- then loungewear.

The more cheese the comfier the clothes.

After that photo shoot we finally got to open presents! I got a chest for all the crap that flying around in my room, a blender (like a real good one!), a mug, a milkshake set, a hot chocolate set, a really good vino and glasses!!!!!!! and my sister created like athrowback board with codes, a quiz and old pictures. V creative! Also got socks from my mom (no christmas without), a book from jule and some good olive oil and vinegar and homemmade jam. When all presents were unwrapped we finally prepared the raclette!! Cheesus, I love goat cheese, I could legit just eat that for the rest of my life. – won’t tho- for obvious reasons.

We had raclette cheese, goat cheese, matured cheese, mozzarella, sweet corn, tomatoes, pineapple, mixed pickles, hummus, nutritional yeast, potatoes, cauliflower and bacon. I made a cheese platter which I actually was quite proud of, I decorated it with grapes and nuts!!With it we drank white wine. Not too shabby for me (and the person that made it all happen, cheesus).

Let’s create the perfect day shall we? It may not be a sunday but christmas is the daziest day of them all plus sundaze(s?) are only assoziated with sundays. “A state of mind, often associated with Sunday’s, that promotes well-being and relaxation. Combine the positive energy and warmth of water coffee and sunshine and you’ll be in a “Sundaze” state of mind.”

Let’s make that quote more season appropriate and just say: “A state of mind, often associated with Sunday’s, that promotes well-being and relaxation. Combine the positive energy and warmth of water wine and raclette and you’ll be in a “Sundaze” state of mind.

So music: we listened to peter alexander and simon and garfunkel on vinyl:

dress code: depending on whether your mom tells you to dress up for a fancy picture or not there are a few changes of clothes:

  1. dress up (held together by a hair tye
  2. pretty, comfy and festive
  3. sweatpants (still a pretty top as that’s all everyone will see while sitting at the table)

food: there is no starter as everyone is trying to fit as much cheese as humanly possible into there body. There’s a dessert tho cause you need to have something sweat (and cold) after. duh?

BASEpotato & cauliflowerpotatopotato (or pizza dough)potato& cauliflowerpotato
LAYERSsweetcorn& tomatopineappletomatoolives& tomatobacon& pineapple
TOPPINGhummus& nutritional yeast + salt& pepperraclette cheesemozzarella
+ italian spices
goat cheese + salt& pepperraclette cheese

After trying every possible combination it’s time to change into sweatpants because there’s still dessert. My mom brought crackers from denmark so we then had all the confetti flying around in the living room, mixed with presents, wrapping papper and the smell of christmas!

dessert: vanilla ice cream and hot raspberries

When you’re about to explode you play trivial pursuit and then go to bed. ❤

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