happy christmas eve eve

yo yo yo (remind me to delete my blof if I ever dare to start a post like that again). Been home for 3 days! It’s christmas eve tomorrow! OH! WAIT

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Today my mood has been all over the place. I’ve been annoyed, content, well rested, happy, sad, stressed, calm, anxious and tired (not in that order).

  1. well rested: I slept for like 9 hours straight and woke up when the sister got up at like 8 or something crazy!!
  2. stressed: pressured myself into going on a run (but am proud to present that I didn’t go even tho I had all the cheese in my dinner yesterday and will probably have all the biscuits again today! progress)
  3. calm: did a 20 minute energizing morning yoga with adrienne instead and took a hot shower
  4. happy: threw a little solo dance party in my room to dry the hairs (listening to latin music obvs)
  5. annoyed: fam quite loud during breakfast (but we all sat together and had breaki so only slightly annoyed cause I love mornings like that and I had the usual clementine porridge (no gingerbread spice and I actually preferred that today)
  6. tired: have very little enegery today. I went into 4 stores to find a butternut squash that I need for saturday’s 3 course meal
  7. anxious: yesterday’s number of deaths due to corona has been at an all time high and I’m scared someone I know will get infected so I had a little cry
  8. content: decorated that tree with my mom and ate all the homemade christmas biscuits (oma’s nougat bars, coconut- shortcrust, gingerbread, coconut macaroon, chocolate- shortcrust…)

in that order.

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