license to kill

december 21; written december 23:

my super ego! I gotta get her to not be superiour to my id. Thank you freud. I have to eat biscuits when I want, without counting calories- as I don’t even know how many there are. I have to unlearn the bloody numbers just like I managed to forget every single french word I ever knew! So my mission (not a resolution for 2021 as it starts today!!!!!!!!!!) is to kill that bitch that’s trying to ruin my favorite time of year. Watch me while I eat all the bicuits and let my parents cook for me (sounds dumb but I would always cook my meals to monitor what goes in them. I let my dad cook me dinner – with the clear instuction not to use any oil and fats! – he put cheese in there instead for which I’m so fucking grate ful as it was a challenge to eat but I ate until I was full- didn’t even wanna snack afterwards and slept for 9 hours straight then. THANK YOU FOR PUTTING CHEESE INTO MY RICE STIRFRY IT WAS FUCKING DELICIOUS!! appreciate that he doesn’t think of stuff like that like I do. Now that we got that out the way, let’s start:

monday: I slept very well, woke up with loads of energy and as the sun was sort of shining I went on a run. my corona route. The one from the spring. Then I ate breakfast, don’t know what else I did. Oh I remember eating cake and bicuits and drinking coffee. In the evening my dad and I went grocery shopping. Got the stuff I need for saturday. Then we had a giant cooking session. We drank the good vino blanco (aka weisswein as it was from germany). We made red cabbage (yes I have been farting all day), cheesy broccoli,I had the left overs from yesterday’s left over rice and a salad, potatoes and bratwurst. Very diverse choices of food and cuisine.

We sort of messed up the cabbage so I found myself stood in the kitchen picking out onion from the pot. Was edible tho.

In the evening we watched another 2 episodes of the crown. I already watched them which let to me ordering a fleece on arket- as one does. Who do I think I am???

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