december 22; written december 23:

woke up, did some yoga, took a shower and came down stairs with all the biscuits on the table! Made my ususal porridge (aka went through the entire morning routine with me reading the news, slowly getting shivery from too much coffee while taking 2 hours to eat my porridge) before heading out on a walk. It was 13 degrees which is not okay. I did see a beautiful rainbow which put me in a fantastic mood. Also stood in the sun with my eyes closed the way elderly people and stressed out moms do. Lunch was one of the bread rolls I had bought for my 3 course meal.

Then my mom and I got to baking lebkuchen. Used all the honey and spices and it smelled like a good old german christmas market in our kitchen! Hope they’ll turn out good (they did!).

Later I finally convinced my family to play wizard- and they loved it!!!!!!! Dinner was you guessed it- anyother rice and veggie situation but my dad added all the cheese!

Then we obvs watched the crown (I didn’t order anything!)

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