monday, tuesday

today I baked. Didn’t do anything else. Let me elaborate. A friend from dresden was gonna come visit me and we were going to bake plätzchen. Well rona had other plans and Sachsen was the first bundesland to go into lockdown, 2 days before the rest of germany. We’re not allowed to go further than a 15km radius away from our houses so baking was cancelled. So I decided to send him a little package with Plätzchen and chocolates (arrived today, thursday). After breakfast I started making the dough (even rocked the wifey apron!) and was gonna start baking immediately but then the sun was shining and I’m a sucker for sun. So I left everything as it was (turned off the oven!) and went on a walk. THEN I started baking. Some with jam, some winter spices, soe chocolate and others plain. I was really not in the mood for decorating afterwards, which shows. But alas. I wanted to make them so I’ll finish it. In the evening Coco and I really weren’t in the mood to cook anything so I headed across the road to get bread rolls. We also got gifted a croissant as we are basically regular 9pm roll buyers. They know us. The croissant was later devoured with pb&j.

Next day. the 15th. average time spent on my phone so far (thursday: 6 h14 min) . In the morning I made the little parcel, dropped it off at the post at 2 and went on a loong walk to pick up panama from his internship (same hospital where I visited him back in June. lol where it all began and now it kinda ends the year there again). He was gonna come over and we were gonna cook and probably watch a movie but I felt that was irresponasable considering he’s working with the elderly, went partying on the weekend and had many freinds over the week before. I don’t want my flatmates’ grandma dying cause I’m the virus vacuum cleaner. So we walked all the way back into town. Was a really cool walk and he told me what he’s been up to, we bought veggies at a market shop, bought snacks and churros and I got stuff for our christmas party in the flat.

Also gave him his christmas presents (wrapped in a pillow case). Tajin, slated caramell chocolate, advetn calendar and plätzchen).

In the evening coco and I made pasta and drank pisco.

I’ve started watching the crown and I’m actually really enjoying it. Didn’t think that the brith loyals would be my sort of vibe but I’m hooked. It takes me some time to watch as episodes are an hour long and I fall asleep easily (wake up at 4am just as easy as well tho). I’m on episode 5 now (thursday) but I’ll have to rewind as I 1) was drunk when I started watching at 2am and 2) fell asleep.

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