2 sausages

Today is a fantastic day. I’m happy, productive, aware and the sun is out.

I slept for like 10 hours straight which is asolut best start to the day. I was energized and decided to go on a run! 6.5k nothing majorly newsworthy but hey ho (ho ho). Then I did the 6 min abs workout, post run yoga and a black roll workout, took a shower and made breakfast (at 1 lol). Then I went on a little walk around the park listening to a podcast only 45 mins as my knee hurt (which was to be expected as it tends to do that after I go running).

Its 10 degrees and sunny which is not okay
We are 8 days away from christmas there should be a minus infrint of that numberThere have also been 952 deaths within 24h in germany which makes me anxiously panic while shoveling porridge into my mouth. 2 people on bike drove past me on their and the girl screamed ‘sonneeee’. Made me smile!

Lunch (4pm) was left over soup (get’s better as it ages (yikes)) and bread and apple 6pm, while in bed watching the crown.

At 7 I got ready as I thought that’s what we were gonna do. Make ourselves pretty for santa, eat a traditional german christmas dinner, drink cocktails and exchange gifts. Well I got the vodka and the sausage.

I was dressed up in a skirt and even put on make up. I was ready for that christmas shoot and for santa to make me his mrs. The others… not so much but alas. I had prepared the potato salad in the morning, which surprised the others (which annoyed me). They thought we were gonna start cooking now (how?! would you mind explaining how to make a cold slalad with freshly cooked potatoes). Sorry I just have to let off some steam rn and if this is not the place to do it then where is? I actually had a fantastic evening (more complaining incoming tho..). So we put the sausages in the pan, made orange, pomegranate, ginger ale, vodka cocktails and a little rosmary (which later turned into vodka, tonic water, tiny sip of OJ cocktails and then into water,vodka, leftover pomegranate with still the rosemary sticking out (and with every sip pocking us in the eye) as we ran out of everything at around midnight). We ate, snacked on speculoos and chocolate and I gave them my presents. Their happiness obviously made me super duper happy and I love giving and christmas and coming up with ideas for gifts and playing santa, but for the fact that we decided to have christmas that day and saying that there’ll be presents I got an awefully little amount. zero.

I won the game and went to bed at 2:30. Felt perfectly fine the next day (today) (except for my digestive system, I do not recommend eating that much gluten unless you enjoy being constipated and gassy, then you go ahead) and as I was chucking water throughout the entire evening!

  • potato salad:
  • potatoes
  • vegan salad cream
  • natural yog
  • pickles
  • parsley
  • dill
  • mustard
  • onion

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