It’s the 12th. it’s 8. I’ve been up for a while. Going through cringey old phtos and screenshots from when I was 14 to find pictureS for lenchos.

found this on my old blog.

I spent aaages trying to figure out the name of a restaurant in iceland my mom and I went to- unsuccessfully. So I eventually got up at 11, made brekfast, sat for a long time. Nothing new. Then I went out. Was gonna go on a walk and then to the cafe to pick up a book I lent my boss. Change of plans. Went to the bakery, bought one of the last 3 cinnamon rolls (my first one this year. I know, outrageous, shame on me). Then I went to the cafe, got offered mulled wine, at 12. Obvs didn’t decline. Then I met My for a mono loco coffee (cortado (so good!)). When it got dark I went on another walk around the neighborhood as this was the last day shops were gonna be open before lockdown on Monday (today). So lovely seeing all the lights and people out.

Becuase I had a bathbomb in my advent calendar I thought I’d use it as I was cold and grumpy. Listened to a podcast (threesome with jan and olli – yikes) and I didn’t hate it?! Like I layed, had candles lit and I wasn’t cold, very slimy from the bathbomb tho lol.

Afterwards I had “paella” leftovers that can’t be considered a paella, but the recipe “three bean paella” in the book was open. There was one bean and very little paella rice. tasted good tho.

Then I started watching the crown. Not hating it.

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