steps: zero

I ate an entire 40cm pizza WITH CHEESE CRUST DIPPED IN HUMMUS yesterday, woke up this morning, considered going on a run because I ate so much yesterday but I didn’t go!!!! Instead I went into the kitchen, made coffee was joined by the gang and am now reading the news, drinking coffee! I’m not hungry (really, I swear) so I’m not eating even tho it messes with my routine. I’m gonna get ready to sit in front of my laptop all day.

I did sit infront of my laptop all day. Didn’t leave the house. It was horrendous. On top of that I remembered that I had a presentation tomorrow (today- in 1 hour) which I haven’t tarted working on. 62 pages to read, presented in 10 minutes. rip me.

In the evening Jule and I watched this norwegian christmas show I forgot the name of. Then I chilled in bed and snacked on plätzchen coco’s grandma baked, apple and pb and frozen grapes.

Took 2 pictures

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