anxious little oompa loompa

Remember how I said that the sunny weather is good for the mood and I? Think I jinxed it. Would you look at this:

Also highest number of deaths within a day yesterday.

Walked into town, went to the doctor (not good, I heard sentences you do NOT want to hear from someone like that and now I’m scared but dont wanna tell anyone in case it’s nothing and she said not to worry but still and shes gonna call me until January 10th if there is a problem so now I’m gonna be an anxious little oompa loompa for 4 weeks.)

Then I went shopping, bought a ton of snacks and stuff for my friends and for myself cause I felt dizzy. Found my new faves: raspberry bliss balls! Delicious. Also tried on pants but none of them fit. (I dont wanna go a size down cause that would be size 0 and I wanna gain weight so they hopefully wont fit long and I dont wanna spend money on that then. But at the same time I need to own those washed out black lash jeans from weekday in a 24/32.

I went home, into bed watched things and had the last tinder date of the year at 7. So I stepped to the pizza place to meet the guy at 7:30. Got a pizza vegetariana, didn’t have anything to talk about, watched the football and at 9 (before the game we were planning on watching even started) I kicked him out.

Here is a list of topics we talked about:

Newspapers, hummus, football

And his mom is latina so that explains why I swiped right even tho he looks german and has a german name. So I ended up eating the rest of the pizza and watching friends in bed. Perfect end to the day. Goodbye

how you can tell the tinder date is going badly: theres an instagram story

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