i woke up like this – with a hangover and mascne

It’s 9:34. I feel as if a truck rolled over my forehead multiple times in reverse miserably failing to do a three point turn. I also feel like I’m gonna puke and I’m sweating in some peculiar places.

Just texted my date for today (lol) that I will not be getting pizza with him today but I would be up for going in a walk. Idk I’m not really in the moods to get fat. Soz. And the thought of pizza makes me want to throw up.

I hate alcohol and feeling like shit.

It’s 5:08 Coco and I had planned to step into town after I was done with uni but I am now sitting on the sofa in my hoodie blanket drinking tea eating frozen grapes.

I swear to jesus I have figured out the hangover cure: a cold shower, coffee, salty porridge. I felt good after. Tired. But not hungover. I even managed to get myself outsie and walked around random streets for like 30 minutes. It was freezing. Don’t like. After my walk I made lunch: a sandwich and olives and manchego cheese on the side. Also drank the #5 tea (orange) with it. Now on #7 (chai).

Dinner was mash and a tomato sauce thingy, straight from the pot. Then I feel asleep watching Charlie and the chocolate factory. Woke up at 5:30 as punishment for that.

and jule caught me weighing out my food. Told her it was the first time I’ve done that in ages.

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