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christmas ๐ŸŽ„

As you know (creep) I slept like a baby. From like half 11 to half 9. Perfect start to st nicolaus day/ advent 2nd. Jeez I luvvv Christmas time. Woke up with both my parents sending me a picture of their avent calndar I got them and some seasonal greetings <3. Then I went on a run. Nice lil 8k and because I took a new route, fearing I was gonna get killed/ never find back home it was actually quite exiting and I didn’t get bored. Afterwards I did the usual routine:

  1. go on run
  2. take off shoes
  3. role out yoga mat
  4. go on the youtubes
  5. 1. morgan rose 6 min ab workout
  6. 2. yoga with adrienne 7 minute post run yoga
  7. shower
  8. make coffee

So far nothing majorly exiting. But you just wait cause exitement is about to hit like the polar express. Coco got up and we started to prepare the brunch we had planned! breadrolls fresh from the oven, christmas biscuits, coffee, clementines, all the sweet spreads all the savoury spreads and all the cheese imaginable. There were also chcolates hidden in their shoes ^^. AND I got to open the advent calendar today!!!!! I got 2 packages for a smoothie bowl!

Brunch was delish. I love my flat!

Then I cleaned my room and as it was my turn to mop the floors I actually deep cleaned my room! I’m talking holding the vacuum cleaner up to the ceiling to get them spiderwebs and climb behind the bed to get them dust bunnies! Also carried the thing I found on the street into the basement cause it did mess with the aethetic I’m trying to go for: pretty. Listened to some nice music while doing so and suddenly it started getting dark?! Okay, we did only have breakfast past 12 but still!

Decided to go on a walk and listen to a podcast while the sun was setting and I wasn’t freezing cold which was a nice surprise. I’m back home now, listening to chilled jazz and I’m on my 2nd cuppa coffee. (4th in total.) Got a tinder date later. We’re getting asian take away. Not overly exited but alas.

the vibe maker:

food (da lat #11) 10/10

Vino 8/10

Company 8/10

2.5 bottles of wine and 2 Episode of 2 Series later. Im quite drunk and ate AT LEAST 2000 calories Worth of chocolate and biscuits. I feel a bit sick. Kept eating with the gang but got a massage.


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