calimocho and wizard

considering my attempt to stay off social media failed so damn miserably I’m gonna try and go without coffee for a week. As I’m writing this I realize that that’s never gonna happen. I actually had withdrawal symptoms just now. Ya nvm not gonna happen. Its 8:34 I consider going on a teeny run but idk if my knee is willing to carry me without complaining constantly. It might turn into a fast walk but i need to get out!

Right. It’s Saturday evening and all I can remember now (my phone is in the kitchen and I can’t check what I took pictures of in the morning) is that I was drunk on calimocho in the evening. (Who remembers that drink from almost 3(!!!) years (wtf?!) ago when I drank it with the spanish people in the UK??).

It’s all slowly coming back to me. I had breakfast at like 11 (I defintely did not go on a run, I know that much). Then at 1 I had a lecture that I listened to with half an ear in order to not get distracted from my very important conversation with the flat mate. I think I ate while doing so as well. As you can tell, I had for more urgent things to do during that lecture. Oh and I build my wardrobe-y thing that arrived in the morning. Then My came, we made coffee, a snack, turned on the day light lapm and sat, working on uni. Wasn’t very productive. For me it was the weekend and we don’t work on Friday afternoons and Saturdays (we= the brain and I). Sundays are fine. Take that god.

3 hours later I found myself on the tram (was trying to boycott that virus train!) with My on our way to North Face. Took ages so I left early, took yet another tram and made food. It may as well have been offered in a michelin star restaurant if I do say so myself. I had tomato sauce, veggies, spinach straight from the pot and pasta with pumpkin hummus and nutritional yeast.

Then Panama arrived , I tried to distance myself cause we friends, didn’t turn out too well cause apparentely I’m an assi when doing so. Then we started drinking calimocho, played wizard, 2 friends of Coco’s joined, we drank mulled wine and played busfahrer.

Not happy with the amount of people I saw, but happy with the people I saw! At 3 we slept, at 5:30 I was woken up by panama’s alarm. (yes we friends, I told you)

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