psa: watch atú

Today I get to open number 3! Advent calendars (its 7:30 am and panama just left for work so I’m up and my thoughts are doing somersaults in my brain so I’m up.)

Gonna have a snack, put on my running shoes and jog to the bakery I owe money to. Shower, breakfast and COFFEE, then uni, walk, uni and then it’s the evening.

HOly crAp. until now (3:13pm) I did all the things I had planned on doing! My last seminar of the day starts in 2 minutes and then it’s the evening!

I went on a 7k run through the park, to the bakery and back. Then I took a shower and had breakie with Jule. At 11 I had 2 seminars at the same time so I tried to listen to one with my left, the other with the right. Then I went on a walk, only like 30 minutes as my knee hurts everytime I go on runs. alas.

Had lunch. Was delish. Ate a shit ton of biscoff spread and cashew butter afterwards. Spooned them right out the jar. Feeling a bit shite now. Also very tired.

in bed with my snackkkk
during a seminar; infront of my sun light lamp; on instagram; ignoring everything and everyone

Jule B16:04



go getcha self sum food gurl

On asos and urban outfitters now. Also editing this.

One of the other students and I decided to delete instagram for a week. Redownloaded it an hour later.

In the kitchen the gang was making coffee (at 5) we shall see whether or not me having a sip will have consequences (04.12, 8am, it didn’t I managed to watch an entire movie without falling asleep and then slept like a baby from 11 to 7:30).

Also opened the advent calendar! Got a bubbly bath bomb which shall be bubbling away this weekend after long walk while I listen to friends with cucumber slices covering my eyes.

Went on walk with the roommate while listening to my dad wrote a porno. We didn’t talk and only laughed. Then I made dinner which was the most picturesque, aesthetically pleasing, beautiful dinner ever. Jokes. I ate tomato sauce and mash straight from the pot.

Then I watched atú. Can not recommend this movie ENOUGH. Hoooo my. How is a little boy so incredibly talented? And the plot!! I cried I laughed I cried happy tears and I sat not moving cause I was shooketh to my very core!

It’s about refugees (siblings) in Cameroon trying to get to melilla and then spain. They are then on a plane thinking they’re going to paris but end up in Senegal. I am the worst at describing this. I should be a pro as this weeks homework was to write a film review and homework for next week is a descriptive essay. Maybe I should start paying attention instead of scrolling asos.

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