50669 minutes

We’ve got ourselves another #2020wrapped from spotify and as I selflessly just crowned myself the queen of flashbacks I have a screenshot from 2018 for you:

I mean if we ignore the fact that there was no partying, the robot was us, always, in front of our laptops, and the screaming was mostly unrelated to music I may as well have written those sentences this year because these are my top 5 artists:

  • Mac Miller (english)
  • Morat (spanish)
  • Annenmaykantereit (german)
  • Ozuna (spanish)
  • Emanuele Aloia (italian)

We lost a french guy on the way but alas. The 1975 are still considered my “all time fave” but there was no new music and I’m not bobbing along to robbers when I’m a) happy and b) in a pandemic “now everybody’s deeeaaad”

Right. On to breakfast. Did not think my porridge could be improved but I was proofed otherwise. 2 words. Melted chocolate.

After that (at 12) I actually started working on uni (I know!!) I was so productive time somehow went by fast. I protocoled a german lesson from a primary school class in Sevilla. V sweet. I even read things and took notes. Damn proud of myself. At 2 I reheated my soup that gets better every day and watched friends while lunching.

Plan for the afternoon: walk to reusnitz to meet with Panama and visit a grandma who’s alone (I’m not going inside causetoday was not gonna be the day that I was gonna kill an elderly person), buy a present for my sister and some biscuits for mentioned granny on the way. Also listen to podcasts (wednesday is THE podcast day!). I got my sister a sweater from this newly found surf shop (they sell cbd as well? Apparently it’s a chill and surf shop) I talked to the super cool woman working there and also got a coffee to go. Then I found this very old bakery where a grandma was working baking everything herself! I bought biscuits, christmas cake and a bread roll. Then I realized that I didn’t have any cash but the granny reassured me that it was fine if I just come back tomorrow. Love her!!

In town I went to uni for a pee(t) – stop (get it? Like pit stop?) and then met panama. After he went him I waited outside until my lumps were frozen and i was grumpy. So I walked to my, worked on her uni assignment and got tea in return. Panama joined later on.

At 6 I walked back home (had to pee so bad I had to take the tram. Shame on me. I worked on uni at 7 and then made dinner. More one pot, no work, frozen veggies, no cutting food. Not complaining it tastes good. Nothing a little pepper wouldn’t be able to handle.

At 9 the football man u psg started and Panama joined the forstgang to watch. Love these humans.

Tomorrow I get to open 3! Advent calendars (today.. its 7:30 am and panama just left for work so I’m up and my thoughts are doing somersaults in my brain so I’m up.)

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