in the spirit


Apperentely I was hungry all day, had breakfast at 9:19am and had uni at 3. Then I walked to Panama and we got pizza. Then we watched thor and started black pantha. It’s been a week, I don’t remember that day like what so ever. the end.


walked back home after having a wonderful night sleep. look at that sunrise! I didn’t take a picture of my breakfast because as you can probably tell by now, it’s the same every. single. day. Details will follow further down. I also discovered something that I can now introduce you to as my new favorite lunch. mashed potatoes and cauliflower and ketchup. In the evening I watched friends, on the sofa on the big screen. Premium!


the day off. Think I did uni, don’t remember. Definitely went on a walk at 2 and took this luvely picture. In the evening panama came over, we cooked and watched the football.


I had uni all day. From 11- 6. Horrible. I managed to sneak in a 30 minute walk in my jogging bottoms. Other than that I learned things and ate things.


today I got drunk but we’ll get to that. Had breakfast at 11 as uni only started at 1. lunch was reheated rice and pickles with ketchup. Where’s my michelin star at?! In the evening coco and I cooked a spanish dinner! We drank clementine gin, had olives and I made a tortilla de patatas. I even had a slice of bread with olive oil.!!! Then we had more gin. And more gin. Then vodka then wine while playing wizard with Jule. We had to stop in round 17 cause we weren’t able to count to 17 anymore and gave up after repeating that rounf 3 times!


slept from 2 – half 11. cancelled my tinder date at 1, took a cold shower and had a gallon of bean juice. then I felt a bit more alive. In the afternoon I walked to obi to meet my friends to buy stuff for an adventskranz akak christmas decorations. Then we drank tea, ate biskuits and diyed the crap out of that fir branch.


Advent first. NOW my fave time of year begins. I’m in THE spirit. Like let me draw that for you :)! I made a special breakfast and one by one the others joined. With the first candle lit we had an advent brunch. Have I mentioned that I love my flat????

Then Jule and I had to rush off (to our desks, hello?! what year are you living in?) for a presentation rehearsel thing. Then I decorated the flat, went on a walk, cooked and slept.

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