the routine that saves the day


I’m still at home. My train is going tomorrow morning. I got up when my sister and dad had already left for work and school (lucky them, I’m actually jealous of them having a reason to leave the house). PLan for the day was to try and go into town again. First I made myself a nice breakfast aka the same thing I’m eating every. single. day. Porridge and clementine. Then I walked all the way into town, bought tissues and gym pants that turned out to be ripped and took the bus home. Not the best shopping spree I’ve ever been on. In the afternoon I worked on uni stuff FOR HOURS. Didn’t seem to get the thing finished and we had to hand it in by 8pm. I did it tho obvs. In the evening my dad cooked and it was the only picture I took that day.


Took the train back to Leipzig at 8. There was no delay!! AND! I had an entire cabin thing to myself. Eating an apple on a train feels like I crime now. I felt very judged. I’m sorry. I was hungry! I’ve sat and haven’t turned that frown upside down all day. The sky is grey, it’s been raining. I spent the morning on the train, on my phone. The majority of my afternoon was spent infront of my sunlight lamp on a zoom call. And the evening I spent in my room, knitting and listening to christmas music with infront of a fire. Between sitting I went on a long as walk, got rained on and I went grocery shopping. I had to queue but got loads of good stuff (Oat bran, oatmeal, cucumber, tomato, plums, spinach, bread, tangerines, cashew milk, artichokes). Gonna make pasta with hummus and a salaaad now. I think. Can’t decide if I prefer pasta and tomato sauce with veggies. Think so. I had the hummus pasta. In the evening I sat, lit the fire, listend to chrsitmas music (as I am rn) and knitted.


a holiday. Shops were closed and that was all that was different. I slept better than ever before (before having a sleep paralyses the next night, but we’ll get to that) Fell asleep at like 11 woke up at like 8. Then I went on a 7k run WITHOUT DRINKING COFFEE BEFORE! Afterwards I had breakfast, starting reading some texts that were actually interesting for uni. Never finished reading them tho. Then I met a friend at the cafe, said hi to my boss and we went on a walk around Plagwitz to the cotton spinning mill. At 3 I met another friend, we had tea and clementines and randomly met some other friends as well. In the “evening” (5:30) I turned on the daylight lamp and worked on uni stuff cause Thursdays are my busiest days.


I couldn’t wake up from the mentioned sleep paralyses where I dreamed that I was in bed and someone was shaking me super hard. I couldn’t defend myself and they didn’t stop. COuldn’t wake up from that I it felt like I couldn’t breath, –

At half 9 I made breakfast and later met My to go on a walk. Before and after I was sat in seminars. Oh and Panama texted me in the morning. I was gonna come over later after not having talked for a week. After uni I started walking thinking I’d go straight to him but he didn’t text back so I found myself strolling through stores being annoyed and not knowing what to do….. I finally called and we decided to cook so I went to the store and then took a tram there. Thanks to my journaling I knew exactly(ish) what I wanted. It did go to plan shall now call each other friends. We made spaghetti with tomato sauce (the go to) I gave mine a frozen veg upgrade, watched thor and started black panther and slept. I’m happy.


I walked back home the next morning. Made a pitstop at rossmann to buy the first items for our flat adventcalender. I’M SO EXITED: I LOVE THE TIME LEADING UP TO CHRISTMAS AND CHRISTMAS AND BUYING ALL THE PRESENTS AND DIYING THINGS AND CANDLES!

Also screen recorded my morning routine (are you seeing the consistency of that porridge?! *salivates*

  • make porridge and a large (gigantonormous) black coffee
  • light a candle
  • sit down
  • open zeit online (newspaper)
  • read through articles
  • update corona numbers and contacts in journal, note down german politicians and add to the list of head lines (siehe unten)

At 1 I had my only seminar of the day. Had a chill morning and then sat there with my bread and soup, scrolling instagram. Then I went on my daily walk around the park and random streets. In the afternoon coco and I defrosted the banana bread I baked and drank tea. We also looked for a couch to go in the hallway on ebay. Found one texted the guy, gonna pick it up on Sunday. We also decided to do some christmas baking tomorrow so I called my grandma and asked for her Vanillekipferl recipe. Another recipe she gave me is from her! grandma aka over 100 years old! In the evening we moved Coco’s couch into the hallway and watched django unchained. SUCH. A. FANTASTIC. FILM. holy moly.


Don’t actually remember how the morn went. I’m guessing I ate porridge, procrastinated, eventually did uni and then went on a walk where those pictures come from. Ah I also went grocery shopping cause Coco and I were gonna do some baking in the evening. Our grandmas’ recipes obvs. Also got some red wine for muslled wine and we listened to christmas music. OH! I remember. I met a friend/ colleague at the caffee at 12. We talked with our bosses and got a coffee. Had a grant time! Love it there.


I had to set an alarm for the first time in ages (woke up 3 hours before that obviously! Who do you think I am?!) At half 9 Coco and I were sat on our bikes to pick up his brother’s car and drive to get the couch!!! I also bought a lamp yesterday! Gonna be so flipin cozy. Feels like home. Perfect for cold ass christmas times. The couch actually fit (into the car and the hallway!). At 11 I made breakfast and went through the usual routine that makes any day better (even when they are already good!). IN the afternoon I went on a walk and I don’t remember what I did afterwards. Pretty good week.

I just uploaded the last photo. Apparentely in the evening I sat infront of the lamp, watched friends and ate.

warning: page 2 is in german ->

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