livin la vida lockdown


the best bite: 1 raisin, creamy oat bran- porridge mix, all the cashew butter, cinnamon

went into town and bought nail polish in the “evening”. it was pitch black at 4:30 and I am from now on wearing a helmet. sexy Oh did uni all day I think. And woke up super late I think. Don’t remember but I think I slept well this week. I think.

I’m also getting a cold 🙂 (I know that for sure)


went on a coffee walk with my and got a flat white at cafe nimo! in the evening I got a we need to talk text from panama that made me order a daylight lamp the next second. went into town then, bought ice cream and had the talk.


walked back home cause i don’t enjoy the rona situation in trams. when i got home:

Never have I ever cried this this bad in my life. My bones hurt, my heart hurt, everything hurt. I was crunched up on the kitchen floor, hugged Jule tighter than ever before and sobbed my way through the morning. I called my Mom and My and studied to keep my mind off it. at 3 I went on a walk into town with my.

in the evening i went to ikea which took my mind off things a bit. only spent 7€ on candles and candy!! then i went to panama, cried, decided to take a 1 week break. no texting, no memes, nothing. was home by half 10. that’s never happened before but i was proud of myself.


studied, had uni all day, went on a walk, cooked dinner with my and valerie. vegan pumpkin and spinach lasagne and vino. love hanging out with them. they make me happy


jule and I wrote our top 5 people I would want on the show if I was the bacheloette. jesse lingard, jaime lorente, new look model, jannis niewöhner, zoe kravitz. then I went on a walk before having uni from 1-5.

then i went on a walk to the train station and drove home. got myself a cashew black bean burger that i evoured within nano seconds on the train.


I had breakfast with papa aka the reason i came. we do crossword puzzles and do nothing all morning. Mama also joined in on breakfast, eating bread rolls in denmark. Gotta love a bit of technology. Debbie recognized me as well. best moment ever. i love it. then i did uni and was gonna walk into town to do some shopping but had to pee so bad that I didn’t make it and papa had to pick me up early, we went to the train station, I used the bathroom and we went grocery shopping in the best supermarket (ever). then we ate pizza, bruschetta and cheese sticks and played noch mal! lastly I created the best snack ever. Prinzenrolle topped with crunchy peanut butter, dipped in foamy almond milk.


I made banana bread. The first one in my life. And it turned out fantastically (I think, I have yet to try it). But for now I shall study.

After taking the bread out i went on a walk. but you can read all about my day in the sundaze!!!! I know!!!!! WE ARE BACK AMIGOS

IT’s 8:36 sunday night I wrote all this one handed

this is me right this second

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