lockdown 2 week 1

I downloaded the corowna app 16 days ago. I’ve met 5 poeple with low risk in the first 2 weeks and suddenly 8 within 2 days! Lord have mercy. I don’t wanna be coughing up me lungs (northern british accent)

44 days til xmas

Breakie: porridge with a clementine and lotus spread

Walk: to a new supermarket I discovered (Norma) -> v underwhelming, nothing vegan, pretty sure not even the veggies were. But cheap

this is what my queue looks like

It’s Monday the 9th. I’m procrastinating doing uni stuff. After an amazing week of sleeping through the nights and until unhuman hours like 10:40am I am back to waking up at 5, feeling ill and grumpy. Let’s refelct on last week tho.

Joe is President of the flippin states, Harris is vice. I basically quarantined in Panama, taking my bike home every morning to do uni stuff and driving back north every evening. Breakfast has been porridge (with clementines, it’s getting christmas y’all!!!!!!) Couldn’t be more exited!!

I went on a bike ride to the lake while 20000 stupid people demonstrated against corona rules, I went on a run, I got my boss white lilies and vegan chocolate for her birthday and got a coffee and hug. I met friends for coffee and tea, I bakes a quince tart, went on many long walks while listening to a podcast and I actually studied and took notes. Oh and I’m knitting, cooking (defrosting frozen food and eating salad), black rolling (ouch) and spending my time with the candles burning in lounge wear, wearing a mask.

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