week 44


Let’s try this recap thing again. I quite enjoy reading back on things I did and this week was the first week of uni, really cool and my sister came to visit. It’s currently Sunday the 1st of November the candles are lit and the tea was made. I just had lunch and it’s already getting dark out. Oh I’m also downloading Windows Movie Maker 2012 onto my Laptop as we speak (I type) cause I need to edit a lil movie thing for one of my classes.

But let’s start with Monday. First day of Uni I had one class from 3-5 so very manageable. Some time has passed, italian friends have been met and I am now writing this in bed. I’m very cozy. Ah yes. Uni. Monday.

I had a fantastic breakfast with persimmon (porridge obviously, I expect you to know this by now.). I am going through the pictures on my phone in order to remember what I did and I had breakfast at 9:36am which is the perfect time. I always read the news on my phone while doing so and one thing I didn’t expect to say is: they get worse on the daily. Didn’t think that would be possible but there are more deaths, more infections, more Trump- stupidity, more earthquakes and more terror in France.

Afterwards I walked back to my old apartment to give it the FINAL clean. I cleaned the windows, shower and took out the last bits and bobs. Couldn’t wait to finally hand over the keys on Friday! At 3 my first online seminar started. I took some snacks and tea into my room and was ready to be informed about how this semester is gonna go don. (It really is going down already). I also took a picture to add to my collage of first days of the semester. At 5:20 I went to what turned out to be the last functional workout for a while. It was good, I felt strong and like dthe exercises. Dinner was beetroot, mashed carrot and sweet potato on greens and veggies. At 9 I took my bike and picked up panama from swimming practice. He ran home, I took my bike. Fair. Then we watched Narcos and after my eyes coudln’t handle los subtĂ­tulos anymore, I fell asleep.

october 18 to october 20


I had to work that morning so I got up at 7:45 on the dot. I have a routine and I like sticking to my routine.

  • 7:45
  • 7:45
  • 7:50
  • 8:00
  • 8:25
  • 8:30
  • 8:40
  • 8:45
  • 8:50
  • 9:00
  • 2:00
  • get up
  • get dressed & pack bag
  • make coffee and porridge
  • eat while reading Zeit Online
  • clean dishes
  • brush teeth
  • get dressed
  • take bike
  • arrive at cafe
  • work
  • drive home

At 12 my flat mates and Panama came up for breakfast and a coffee and because there was almost nothing to do I got to hang out with them. Those people make me so, so happy!!!!!!! When I got off work we walked back to the apartment and made lunch. Then I had another seminar in English. I really like the teacher and the class is cool as well. Actually quite chuffed with all of my classes! Panama was eating lunch and taking naps while I was hardly working .. I mean working hard (HAHAHA) on my Uni stuff, introducing myself like a pro. At 7 I went to the gym for a spin class and Panama was off to swim. When I went to pick him up with my bike afterwards I ended up doing the running and he did the cycling?! What went wrong there? He did buy Ben& Jerry’s and Avocado so he shall be forgiven. After dinner Jule and I tried out snapchat filters, Panama got kicked in the balls and we ended up with a minor concussion.


This day has got to be one of my faves. Because the boys had autumn break, we were all home. So in the morning I stepped out to go get breakfast. We set the table, lit candles, made coffee and ate bread rolls. I love these people. I don’t have Uni on Wednesdays so I stepped into town and tried the salted caramel ice cream from burger king. Yes I’m always cold, yes it’s October. What’s your point?

Icecream gets a 8/10. Not my favorite flavor but I prefer it over the Hagen Dasz and Ben & Jerry’s. Then I met a friend to go shopping (got leggins and a running long sleeve) and to get coffee (flat white). In the evening me and the gang watched the football on the big screen. Great times.

Jule and I also put yesterday’s avocado seeds into water. We names them arvo and cato (my drunk name). Our basil plant is Holger, our mint is Sparky and the leek is Renee.


That night I couldn’t sleep like what so ever. Don’t know what was going on. From 4am on I was scrolling instagram. I had uni all day so at 8 in the morning I packed nail polish remover, boiled some water for tea and stepped out the door to go to the old apartment. Had to get rid of a sticker I stupidly put on my wall. Then I went to the supermarket. Was v calm and I quite enjoyed being out that early. Got a cocaine smoothie and maultaschen. Then I made breakfast. Thursdays are strange I kept eating the whole time, getting more snacks after (and after a while during) every seminar. Also had to pee constantly cause I drank at least 5 gallons of tea.


Had to work again this morning. So at 7:58 I sat in the kitchen with the candle lit, reading the news, eating a clementine, apple and cinnamon porridge. Delishhh. Work was chill, but sad because on Wednesday the german parliament decided that there was going to be a second lockdown for the entirety of November. From the 2nd onwards food places can only offer take away, gyms and other sport things are shut, no cinema, no zoo (not that those should ever be open), strict rules in supermarkets and shops and no concerts or parties. Schools are open but the first ones are closing already due to Corona sneeking up on little children now too. My sister is basically counting down the days tilher school to shuts down too.

For lunch I made a delicious salaad (with olives and raisins!) before having class. At 3:30 I had an appointment to hand over the keys to the old apartment. I came dressed like a respectable adult, in my workout gear. We checked numbers on things, went over many papers and I signed things I had no idea about. Then I went to the gym. Did a lil spin class, well, I was my own coach. 70 minutes, to my favorite songs. Good times. In the evening my sister came to visit. We made pasta and watched Monsieur Claude. Funny but you have to understand their veryyyyy weird humor.


The next morning I had to work (see routine). Breakfast was the usual apple and cinnamon porridge. I had a table booked for my sister who came at 11 to eat breakfast. That day was gonna be the last day working for a while which suckedddd. Gonna go there on the weekends to get a coffee to go or something just to see my boss and say hello. After work we went home, I had lunch, we watched the big bang theory and then went on a lovely autumnal walk around the park. We discussed Lenchos’ future and I’m convinces she’ll study something like international relations.

Afterwards we actually worked on stuff for uni and school while drinking coffee and eating defrosted pflaumestreuselkuchen. Then we watched the second part of Monsieur Claude (way worse than the first, I was annoyed and fell asleep) while eating dinner (rice and veggies) in bed.


The next morning we got up at 9, had coffee, porridge and raisin bread (with tequila sunrise jam) and chilled in the kitchen a bit. I gave Lenchos my giant suitcase packed with stuff to take home. Then I went on a walk while listening to fest& flauschig. Was really nice again. Love me a good long walk. Lunch was defrosted bread BUT with DANISH CHEESE (so creamy!).Jule and I are working on an introduction video for one of our classes so we filmed our lockdown life we’re currently living (from tomorrow on). I’m talking breakfast, walks in the park, reading, day drinking and sweatpants.

In the afternoon I edited the film, Matilde came by and now I’m in bed, about to make dinner. I’m thinking pasta and pumpkin hummus with a beet root and apple salaad. But we shall see I might have a change of heart and you’ll never know. Also might drive up to Panama at around midnight. We’ll see. Might sleep.

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