chasing the easter bunny through orange leaves while riding a sleigh

I’ve had a pretty epic few days. Right now it is Saturday. 5:17pm, my left knee hurts and my ass cheek is still recovering from a cramp I got during my run this morning. I’d say the epic day streak started on the 19th. Not that the days before that sucked in the slightest. But then I could just write for ages cause life’s pretty awesome atm. So Monday.


Monday started with me waking up at 8. I wanted to try to apply for this cultural management module and you got to contact them at 9am. So I scrolled my phone for 1 hour, wrote an email and got my module. Good start. (think this is the worst english sentence ever created)

Then I got up and made breakfast. (apple cinnamon porridge). Afterwards I went on a walk to my friends house cause it was all kinds of autumnal. I am talking crunchy orange leaves, sun and me in a big ass coat. I took my coffee mug, listened to a good podcast and headed out. My (her name- not a determiner, adjective, interjection or pronoun). She came towards me and we walked a little round through the park. When we got back it was lunch time so we made a huge salad. (because I pay a shit tone of money for this (widely known as shit show) I get to self promo my shitty posts: (+ sorry for swearing) real, cheap, student friendly week of lunches -> Monday obvs

Afterwards we got a coffee – cappuccino. Coffee 9/10. Oat milk (bedda) 2/10– tasted like a goat shed smells. Then I went home, got my gym stuff and went to a 40 minute functional workout. Was good. I did some squatting, lifting, pulling and pushing. Then I took a quick shower, threw on jeans (I know!! – as if this loser here had plans past 7pm!) and headed to another friend’s house for (disclaimer: it’s getting christmassy pre- halloween) mulled wine. But I mean this year is all over the place, for all I know I could have gone to chase the flipin easter bunny through orange leaves in the park while riding a sleigh. hoooold up.

This did only just take me 39 minutes to make:

Anyway. I went to my friend’s house to drink mulled wine, eat lebkuchen and play tick tack boom, which is a fantastic game.


My alarm was set to 7:45 which in my opion is a great time to wake up at. I have it all planned out as well. Oh I had to work at 9. I mean, I am a morning person, but I am not a set alarm person. Like stfu, I’m up anyway?! Work is super chill now as there are only 6 indoor tables and only lunatics (and smokers) would sit outside under these circumstances (autumn). I brought some coffee, breakies and cake to grandmas, hipsters (one actually looked like captain jack sparrow), girls with way (-hay) too much make- up slapped on and couples going out for breakfast on a Tuesday morning.

At 2 I made lunch and afterwards I went out to the bulk shop (got myself some granola) and the supermarket. TOILETPAPER WAS SOLD OUT!!! That’s how you know corona’s back. In the afternoon I sat infront of my radiator and laptop to write this babe (ew @me: don’t call your posts babe what’s the matter with u?) I also ate cake and made a good ol’ coffee in the espresso thingy. Then I was ready to hit that spin work out. Dinner was gnocci (get ready for me saying that sentence for the next few days).


Today started at 4am (told you I’m up anyway). I got up at 8:30, got dressed made a TEA(!), put on all the layers and stepped to my friends house for breakfast. At 10 I had an incredibly delicious cappuccino made with beans from Italy and oat milk infront of me. Also a porridge (half water, half milk, oats, flax seeds, salt) including all toppings imaginable: pear, frozen berries, home made almond butter, peanut butter, pumpkin seeds, dates, popped amaranth. During breakfast we decided to drive to Dresden for a few days. Panama can rent an apartment there we could stay.

Afterwards I walked back into town to meet up with Panama. We went to the university’s cafeteria to get lunch. It was disgusting and I couldn’t eat the ”asian style noodles and vegetables” so I ate my banana bread instead. Then I went home, quickly packed my bags just to then catch a train at 5 to Dresden.

In Dresden we had to rent bikes to drive to the apartment as the tram was cancelled obviously. We put our stuff in the apartment and went straight to the supermarket to buy 4 bottles of wine.. we’re 3 people. Then we took a tram into the city to go get dinner at a restaurant a friend, let’s keep up the country theme and call him Chile, works. I had my 3rd ever empanada. To sum up dinner: It was fried and delish. Then we bought chocolate and ice cream, went back to the apartment with mentioned Chile and we drank.


I woke up on the couch when it was light out and sneeked into bed for another few hours. I woke with my left leg under My’s blanket and my right under Panama’s. Plan was to go out for brunch. We got lunch at a vietnamese restaurant (codo) at 2. Afterwards we got ice cream at venezia (one of the best- I got my birthday ice cream there!) (lotus and peanut butter this time), brought My to the train station, said goodbye and went to a very hipstery coffee place that was right up my street. This was our order:

“one flat white with oat milk, one fresh ginger tea and an americano”

kids these days 🤦

When Chile had to work we made our way to the supermarket (actual heaven. If I die (lol – “if”). When I die, please burry me in Simmel- Dresden. THey had everything I could ever dream of, they were friendly and everything was well organized. Have I mentioned the selection of Tony’s chocolonely?! They had it alllll. THen we went back to the flat, made dinner (spaghetti and tomato sauce) and watched a movie.


The next morning we had a major lay in and only got up at like 11 or something crazy! I took a shower and headed out to get bread rolls. Such a chill day! ❤ We ate breakfast, watched Narcos (involves a lot of multitasking (reading, eating, understanding) for me- not so much brain work for Panama). Then we I ate lunch, cleaned the apartment and we headed out. I got a train back home and Panama went to work.


I slept surprisingly well, got up at 9:00, had some yog, berries and coffee and went on a run. Was gonna do 13k but during the 11th kilometer my knee started hurting and I had to walk back which turned the 1 hour run into a +90 minutes experience that involved me limping. Then I went to Lidl to get foodand was well chuffed with what I found. I got some good cheese, yog, frozen veggies, bread, olives… I was gonna make italian inspired wraps (tomato basil tortillas, couscous, italian veggies, oilves and spinach). Spent the afternoon writing blog posts and the evening watching high fidelity and GBBO.


This night I couldn’t sleep well again. I woke up at 12 cause I was hungry, so I ate muesli and had that sitting in my stomach. Then I woke up again, scrolled instagram and somehow went back to sleep. I got up at like 9 (10), did some yoga for when you feel dead inside (which I did, still do), made porridge and me and the Forstgang all head breakfast together! Then I went on a nice long walk. The weather was stunning and I listened to a podcast. Right when it ended I met My and we talked for a bit while sitting by the water in the sunshine to get that Vitamin D. Then I went home, had lunch at 3:30 (4:30) before heading out to go to a cafe with the Forstgang to play board games. We ended up at a döner place, playing wizard. I got the seitan dürüm which now sits like a log in my stomach. Tasted good tho. These time changes are always weird. Shouldn’t I be hungry earlier and not have lunch at 4:30? And shouldn’t I be more tired now that it’s the evening. I’m confusion. Any way when am I ever not? Wish me luck. I’m sending a 🧡 out now. (oh gosh. I’m pathetic. but hey. will have something to update in tomrrow). Phone is being turned off, this is being published, I’m going to bed, GBBO is about to be watched. Pastry week! Ere we bloody go mate. night.

What a fantastic week it’s been.

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