real, cheap, student friendly week of lunches

Remember the very diverse week of vegan breakfasts where I basically ate oats all week? Let’s try that again shall we? This week: LUNCH

We’re starting on a Tuesday, cause it’s Tuesday and I only thought of it this morning. Plus, I had a (defrosted :)) bread with pumpkin spread and an apple yesterday, while sitting on a bench outside of uni. The upcoming days are gonna be better……

So. Basically, it’s Halloween now everyone is walking around like a sexy sceleton (spooky) while I’m in bed. I did have pumpkin for dinner tho! Anyway. I was hella lazy this week (blog- wise, I studied and worked out a lot) so the lunches are only being uploaded now. But I didn’t wanna carry the weight of not uploading this into Novemeber aka the month before Christmas. So, here we go.

I would just like to mention that this was written a year ago. Some time at the end of October 2019. The biggest clues as to why this was back in Ocotber last year are: there were halloween parties, I was sitting outside of uni.

The only thing that is the same this year is the fact that I still eat oats every single morning.

Let’s try this again and actually upload it, I even put some effort into it this time. But don’t worry I didn’t carry any weight with me and basically forgot this post existed. This is what it used to look like: we had unaesthetic foods, bad angles, unfortunate plating situations and me crying for some unknown reason.

I do have to change the title tho cause this week was far from vegan.

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