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I realize that the order these posts are being published in might be rather confusing to some but that is not my problem. Denmark Day 3 here we go. Just to not throw you under the bus entirely. Last things I did that’s worth mentioning was setting a record in fastest malawach bread ever eaten (is that english? prolly not).

My day did not start with a calm breakfast on the balcony as you (and I for that matter) would have expected. It started with a message from my boss telling me that Denmark is now considered a risk area and that I need to get tested for Corona if I want to go back to work that week. Seeing a message like that first thing in the morning surely get’s that old muscle (heart) pumpin. So I googled where to get tested, had several crisis and not the bestest of moods. Right before stepping out I read the news saying that only the area around copenhagen was considered a risk area and I was a few islands away. No test for me then and I could go back to my initial plan. Breakfast on the balcony.

After breakfast on the balcony (have I mentioned that I had breakfast on the balcony that morning) I got ready and went on a nice long walk towards the beach. I packed lunch and took my coffee cup, listened to a podcast and walked along houses, streets and parks. I even passed the parking lot where the people get tested. Risky business considering one cough can kill.

The beach in Riskov is very pretty and the sea was very blue. I got myself a coffee to go from emmery’s (10/10 staff 10/10 coffee (you get a cookie with it). I immediately calm down when hearing the sound of waves and it always puts me in the best mood. I drank a coffee and sat on one of the docks leading into the sea. Even did a lil photoshoot. Thanks selftimer for being us lonley blogger’s best friend (yikes lol). I even went into the the sea with bare feet!! Got cold immediately but no ragrets. Can I just say that them danish folks really do have viking blood running through their veins. They were in the water!!

From the beach I walked back into town along the sea front. It’s a beautiful walk along the rails. You pass a harbor, beautiful old mansions (the 1mil ones), go through the woods and meet merely a handful of people.

In town I met up with my mom at Dokk1 again and we went on a little walk around town and down the shopping street. Didnt get anything other than flavoured coffee and the revelation that normal is a fantastic shop. Next we went to a rooftop terrace on top of the shopping mall which was a 7/10 on the Denmark skale and a 1/10 on the New York skale. Hold up. Sketch incoming. (Yes, it’s a month later, it’s 5am and I haven’t been able to sleep properly in days). It surely is no concrete jungle and my dreams (owning a Scottish highland cow) did not come true.

When it got dark we took the tram back home and made dinner:

We bought ingredients for an Italian-ISH dinner aka fresh pasta and good olives from the marketplace in the shopping centre. Threw on a ton of italian veggies and cheese et voila. I mean. Ed ecco qua.

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