suitcase filled with fruit

It’s Friday evening the 9th of October. I’ve got zucchini brownies that I got from the cafe and carrot cake cookies in my bag. I’m taking the tram to a friends house to get a tattoo. Let’s start with Friday morning.

~bloobbe de blubby di blub~


It’s the morning. I wake up, take the tram that is obvisously delayed to get to my house to get coffee. At 9:20 I have to be at the gym for a functional workout and there is just no way I’m lifting even a single kilo without pouring at least 16oz of bean juice down my throat. And it worked. I deadlifted 60 kilos.

Then I went home, looked at tattoos and the occasional recipe that popped up in between them on pinterest and made porridge. After hours of scrolling and getting more stressed (not in a bad way, well a little) about what to get. Don’t remember what happened between that and 3pm which is when I had to work. Was good was chill.

At 6:30 I was home, made dinner, ate dinner, packed an underpant, socks, toothbrush and zucchini brownies into a bag and headed to see my friend to get a tattoo without actually knowing what to get let alone where to get it.

These were images I’d imagine not hating:

45 minutes surprisingly painfree minutes later I had a little sun on my arm to get me through these miserable grey german winters without illegally going to Spain. Then I slept and got up again at 5 to go to the train station.


Furthest travel destination for me shall be my parent’s home and that’s where I was headed. No delays and I made it to Gö at 8:50. From there I took a bus to see kiriboo. Bought some bread rolls and had breakfast.

At 1 I was home, made porridge and did the crossword puzzle in the newspaper with my dad. Topic: dogs.

In the afternoon I had a 4th coffee (health!) and we got some good from the bakery. If I wasnt this lazy I’d write a love letter to poppy seed cake. Then we walked to the supermarket to get some bits for dinner and I chilled in my room looking for my knitting (found it) before going in a walk. I missed my usual corona route but it was weird cause it suddenly got dark at like 6?!

In the evening we made a vegan lasagna with pumpkin, mangold and vegan yog. I had two portions and if my button on my pants hadn’t been on the verge of flying to Spain I would have gone for a 3rd.

When I finally managed to get friends on the telly my mom who was stuck in traffic for hours finally got home. We talked a bit and then I slept.


The next morning we had breakfast all together (like I wanted. Only lenchos was missing) and had a very chill morning. We then went to pick pears and apples which resulted in me going back to Leipzig with an additional suitcase filled with fruit. I snacked on approximately 5 pears and 2 apples and did feel a bit sick afterwards.

For lunch we had a table booked in one of my favourite restaurants. Klostermühle Bursfelde. Considering it having the latest and most conventional german name out there it has the hippest menu. Veggie bowls, tempeh burger, pumpkin soup….. I went for the bowl. It was divine.

Then we went on a walk as far as the food baby allowed which wasn’t very far.

In the evening i took a train back to Leipzig and was at Panama’s house by 10.

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