a wholesome sunday

today felt like autumn threw up right into my day, and I am not complaining, I’d even hold back his hair. Lol let me draw a picture of what I think autumn looks like. Hold up.

My morning started at half 9 (perfect time for a sunday) after waking up several times and an hour long insta scroll at 6 obviously. I felt tired but got up anyway cause I wanted to eat before going to the gym at 11:30 and my morning routine does not ever involve stress or being in a hurry. At 10 I sat in the kitchen with my coffee and porridge with apple and cinnamon. We’ve reached the time of year where I switch from eating vanilla protein oats topped with soy yogurt and berries to apple cinnamon porridge every single morning without fail. Had a little read through the ever so slightly depressing news. The headlines have basically been the same for weeks. We’ve got corona, we’ve got trump, we’ve got trump having corona…. The situation doesn’t seem to get any better and what is everyone doing? Partying, travelling and wondering why the numbers are rising.

At 11 I headed to the gym for a spin class. It was good. My legs felt tired in the beginning but they warmed up and I pedalled (?) my way to the finish line. In the end the guy teaching the class was like ”now you’ve really earned a tofu roast and an alcohol free beer”. Okay cool.

Went home, showered (had a little dance session to dua lipa), threw on all the layers, made a ”wintertime” tea to go, put on the old duvet coat and docs and went on a walk along the river. I was in the best mood. There were so many families out, couples walking their dogs and people on a run making use of the ”good” weather (it was neither rainy nor windy!). I listened to fest & flauschig, a german podcast that is not complete trash and I was not cold!

When I got back I re-heated left overs from yesterday’s dinner. For the past days I had been craving this soupy stir- fry-y situation I used to eat (and hate) in kindergarden. It’s carrots, leek, celery root, brown lentils, potato and broth, traditionally served with sausage but I used smoked tofu. SO DELISH!

Gonna get some cake out the freezer and make myself a coffee and then watch bake off.

Been listening to machine gun kelly’s new-ish album and I am Hooked! capital H.

  • Top 3:
  • hangover cure
  • kiss kiss
  • forget me too

After successfully feeling like my 16 yo self again (the one wearing eyeliner, band shirts and black skinny jeans) while drawing autumn up there it was time for dinner. Jule was home listening to Simon and Garfunkel and we had a little chat. Dinner was Gnocchi with spinach, a veg patty and a salad. Then I watched GBBO and ate biscof from the jar and frozen grapes. What a fantastic day. Peter is my favourite ofc.

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