ugh 2

pause the denmark posts. This is me right this minute:

yes those are my granny underpants drying on the radiator. Sue me. This isn’t even staged. The dog, pants, frown and eyemask were like that exactly.

Today was supposed to be a good day. I woke up ready to hit the gym later on in the day, meet my friends and try on clothes I ordered on asos. The reality looked only a smidge different: I got home, drank tea, coffee and made porridge (yes it’s been 975 continous days of me having porridge for breakfast) and organized my shizz. I am now a ballet dancer, for one semester at least. I had to give up my carreer in volleyball rather quickly due to my fingers not tiping fast enough. Afterwards I found a bag with 2kilos of carrots and made it my mission to not let them go bad. So watch me while I turn orange from all the beta karotin. I made a roasted carrot soup and carrot cake cookies. Ate everything in one while frustrated in bed. Every time I feel weak and tired I eat everything in sight and more (cashew butter, all the bread and tony’s chocolonely), start cancelling plans and feel miserable. So if you haven’t gathered from that previous sentence, I did not meet my friends but rather ate all the biskuits. I did not receive my asos parcel because apparentely the postman couldn’t find my apartment and instead of hitting 2 work outs I am now in bed frowning, watching the holiday. Not a good day for the ol’ chica right here. Will continue feeling sorry for myself (and a bit sick) and not move for the rest of the day.

Was gonna title this post “ugh”, but that post already exists from 28. FEBRUARY 2018. Just reread it and that post too derserved to be titlted ugh. We’re going with “ugh 2” for this one then.

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