Ah yes hello itse me Mar – Kati.

I only remembered this (blog) existed because I got the annual notification reminding me to pay. And then I start writing and can’t seem to stop. So make yourself a good old cuppa, sit somewhere v/ comfy and maybe even get a snack. I recommend: Rugbrøds med mørk chokolade. Now that’s very specific and in case you’re now wondering why the o is crossed out:

I’m in Denmark. So good timing @wordpress, because at least I have something to ramble on about.

Oh also. This time last year I was doing interrail. Was in Nijmegen. Was collecting trash on beaches.

Okay. Leggo. On Sunday (it’s Thursday and I’m waiting for the rain to stop to walk to the ARoS museum of Modern art). I was working a morning shift at the Cafe (you don’t know this because I haven’t told you, but this gal right here got herself a job. I’m rich now. Bring on the GOOD pasta and expensive coffee!) before catching the bus home. Plan was to arrive at around 6, meet the father and go to a restaurant for tapas. Well 2 drivers on the A38 didnt agree with my plans and crashed their cars, causing the bus to stand still (the driver got off to smoke) for 2 bloody hours! I mean I’m sure the accident wasn’t on purpose and I’m not blaming them but I could have starved on that bus. Luckily I didn’t because we ordered Pizza later, but still.

Afterwards I went to bed, set my alarm to 7 and watched friends.

At 6:58 I hear my dad yelling at me from downstairs to get up. I mean I am a morning person but one thing that is not accepatable is waking me 2 minutes before my alarm. I don’t work well with people with that little respect towards my beauty sleep. To make matters worse I got an email from the DeutscheBahn telling me my train is delayed 30 minutes and that I would miss the connecting train from Hamburg to Arhus. Those 30 minutes turned into 40 and then 50. With every added 10 minutes my mood got worse. Let me draw a diagram.

Just for reference. Its friday I’m on a train to Germany. No delay. It’s 9:37. The train was supposed to leave at 9:37 and it did.

Anyway. When the train finally came I sat, I made friendship bracelets in all different colors and combinations and got off in Hamburg. First task on the agenda was to get a new ticket. Then buy hummus, go to the bathroom, sit outside in the sun, get coffee and finally get on a train to Padborg. Got some serious interrail vibes when I was sitting there in the sun with my giant ass backpack and simple lunch.

At 5:31 I finally made it to Arhus with about 7 friendships bracelets and a bladder on the verge of explosion. My mom picked me up from the station and we took the tram home.

There I went to føtex a supermarket. I love foreign supermarkets. Heres my ranking after 5 days in Arhus:

  • Rema 1000
  • Føtex
  • The market in salling

I spend a good amount of time and money there (without face mask?!) and walked back home. When I got back dinner was ready, we ate, watched friends, (do we know about panama?) well I talked to Panama (the entire country) and slept.

And that ladies and gents was day one. Day 2 is soon to follow as I will be bored for the next 8 hours. It’s only 9:47.

I slept horrendously bad that night. I’m talking awake from 5-7. So I updated my list of things I wanna do/ see.

Strøget (pedestrian street)

• Cathedral

• Arhus food market

• Aros (modern art museum)

• harbor

• Dokk1 (library on water)

• Moesgård (beach)

• Møllestien (cobblestone street)

• Den Gamle By (open air museum)

• Latin Quarter

• Salling Rooftop Terrace (free sunset)

• Hammans, Emma 1990

• Cafe Englen (brunch)

• Bakeri

• Jumbo Bakery & Eatery (sourdough)

• la Cabra coffee

• Stillers Coffee Aps

• Bill’s coffee (backyard!)

• Rømer (latino food)

• mahalo (poke bowls)

• breakfast

• Gina Trikot

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