my flat

27.05.2020: remember her? we’re moving out. into a shared flat. had some amazing days, had some horrible days, some boring, some fun, some trying to roll a cigarette, some knitting with a cup of tea next to me. I’ve come home exhausted from spending all day at the library, from the gym, from drinking too much gin at the lake, from drinking wine and having dinner at a friends house, from having a beer in the park or from a bike ride back from uni. Carried kilos worth of food up the stairs, squeezed my giant backpack out of the door ready for an adventure or sqeezed it back in through the narrow space, exhausted but happy to be back in my own space. I’ve made porridge and dinner on my hotplates, was kept awake by the old fridge, I failed baking bread rolls in my pizza oven, I ate giant pizzas almost as big as my table, I baked christmas biskuits, I stored ice cream on my window sill cause there was no freezer, I spooned out peanut butter straight from the jar, I jumped around in front of my tiny mirror to raeggeton music, I sang along to punk music in the shower and yelled every word to every Lemonade Mouth song in my bed. I had spa evenings, came up with weird recipes, l listened to the birds early in the morning chirping away in the trees on the opposite side of the street, I watched the sun rise early in the morning before going to the gym, I watched the sun set late at night, I watched a million movies and series in bed. I had friends sleep on my floor, I had tinder dates eating at my table. I took photos with self timer, I ate too much, I ate too little, I bumped into furniture doing yoga because I overestimated the size of the apartment, I sleep walked to the toilet in the middle of the night, I smelled my neighbor’s weed through the vent, I threw up after drinking too much at flower power or playing flunky ball, I walked home tipsy after a long night out. I woke up super early to take the tram to the hotel to work, I woke up super late, I woke up with the sun shining into my face, I woke up to grey skies putting me in a bad mood, I woke up hungover, I woke up super motivated and exited for the day, I woke up stressed, I woke up anxious at 3 am, I woke up to rain and woke up to snow. I took 20 minute power naps and slept for 12 hours straight. I was lonely, I cried in bed holding wauwi, I laughed out loud and I had the best 20 months in my first own apartment I could imagine, but it’s time to move out now.

Let the interior designing of my new place begin!

09.09.2018 irl vs. 12.09.2018 roomsketcher

flat (1)
flat (2)
flat (3)
flat (4)
flat (5)
flat (6)
flat (7)
flat (8)
flat (9)

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