day 146/ 366

Do I even have to say any more. I think the pictures say it all. But 1) I’m me- so we all know I will ramble on for at least another 2000 characters 2) A lot happened (and hasn’t happened) that wasn’t captured on film and that I gladly elaborate on and 3) I can do what I want and no one is reading this anyway.

So. I ate, took notes, twerked, pretended to be a monster, brushed my teeth, made lunch and cleaned the kitchen. Then I packed my bag to go home and walked to the train station cause I had loads of time and had just finished half a cup of vegan cream cheese and did not feel like sitting on that for the next 4 hours. My playlist is fire atm, more than the tinder app icon that made it back onto my screen. OOOh panamaaa. (jesus nothing has ever been more fitting)

Anyway. Got a rye bread roll and a banana. Put on my face mask. Got on the train. Worked on my presentation (that went super well!). Switched trains. Read. Switched trains. Listened to music. Arrived at my destination! Went to the bus stop. Convinced the driver to let me get on without paying. Walked home. Ate. Kept working on uni stuff. Ate pancakes, rice and salad. Played settlers of catan. Texted panama. Watched youtube. Slept for 8 (!) hours!

I still havn’t heard back from my new apartment. Without them getting back to me I can’t cancel the apartment I live in now. I need to do that within this week, so that I don’t have to pay double! ARGH I’m stressed and currently in an online seminar.

It’s the evening of the 147th day. They replied, I sent the needed paper. I’m currently sitting in my room with a giant frozen strawberry in my mouth. Next to me: tea, half an apple, fresh strawbs and more frozen berries. About to watch disney+.

Tomorrow I don’t have uni so I will do some yoga, go for a run and go to ikea.

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