welcome to 2020

I’m on a train, wearing a face mask while on a zoom call.

the tale of the cough

When I was waiting for the train to arrive a guy walked passed me. He was holding a cigarette in his right hand. The cigarette was ignited and bits fell to the floor. As if awoken from a bad dream or pulled back into reality by the closer creeping heat towards his fingers, the man shook his body, pulled his stained, disposable face mask under his chin coughed three dry coughs, sucked on his cigarette, and put the mask back over his mouth before blowing out the smoke.

I’m kinda digging this whole online seminar thing. I was on trains, trams, stood on platforms and walked home all while attending a seminar.

I’m in Leipzig for 2 hours and I’m defrosting a breadroll and am making a 2 minute cup a soup. I might not have much, but I will survive… on canned and powdered artificial goods.

Then I finally!! stopped the procrastination and started stress- working on my presentation, which I should have done on the weekend. Oh well. Then it was 5 and I went to bed, while the weather was beautiful and the sun was out. Shame on me!

At 7 I had dinner. Gotta say. It was not even too shabby. I threw frozen veggies, pasta made of peas and tomato sauce into a pot, covered it with a lit and let it simmer for 10 minutes. Done.

At 9 I had a WG casting aka me going to an apartment I might move into, meeting some possible new room mates. It was good, we drank wine and ate chocolate. I was home at 11. Will probably not move in cause they were 26 and really mature! The apartment was amazeballs tho! (And for that reason I can’t move in)

Couldn’t really sleep and sat on the toilet applying for other WGs. BUT this 10 minute headspace thing to help you fall asleep does wonders. You know how teachers don’t like it when sentence aren’t connected through, what are they called? linking words.

My sentences aren’t even connected through context.

Woke up at 6, despite eye mask! Wait. Got an idea. Gonna take a webcam picture (while on BigBlueButton listening to a presentation about the ”am- Progressiv”. One sec, gotta vote on wheter a sentence sounds markiert or unmarkiert. For me the answer was markiert.

2020 be like





Anywho. After all them zooms I made a packed lunch and took my bike into town. One of the main reasons for going was to look at the area I might move to and I was considering getting a helmet.

While I was driving in the designated bike lane I had to go around a parked dhl van. Just when was about to go around the postman opened the door which lead to me breaking like never before. But I was so cool and said something along the lines of ”damn never heard of looking?” and drove off. Asshole. But that decided it. I was gonna purchase a helmet.

I went to sport check, put on my mask, tried on a helmet and bought mentioned helmet. I looked rediculous and kept reminding myself that I will not be wearing the mask on my bike. What a time to be alive. The ridiculouslnes continued when I was trying on sun glasses at urban outfitters and when I went to the bookshop to get a new book, trying to look over that stupid mask that keeps blocking my view.

Well I’m eating my packed lunch now, at 5 pm, after 3 scoops of ice cream from different places that served as lunch.

I met Myriam in town and we drove to the park to get another scoop. So in total I had 3 scoops: dark chocolate, pistachio and peach- mango. Not the greatest idea when your stomach isn’t the biggest fan of dairy, but it just have to manage cause I ain’t giving up ice cream.

Got a skype call about a potential apartment in an hour and will sit, eat and watch youtube until then. Good night.

(edit: That potential apartment is my new home!!!!!!!)

I’ve only ever made it to the beach… holding a bottle of gin.

We had more wine and chocolate, danced to 00’s songs, did a Pamela Reif dance workout, planned a party and took rhubarb shots. Then I took the tram home and slept from 1 to 7.

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