I took the car to Leipzig on Sunday, April 26, (longest 2 hours 17 minutes ever) and arrived in the evening. Turned out I really missed having my own apartment! But when I first stepped foot into that tiny ass room I wanted to scream at inanimate objects. The next day I had an apartment viewing but only in the afternoon. I got up, and went to the organic food shop and spent all that I had saved over the last weeks there. But we gotta support the locals! Got some potaterrrs, onions, veggies from the ‘odd box’ and hemp seed bread!
Then I did some stuff for uni (also got the message that there will only be online classes this semester which sucksss I was so exited for the summer semester). After lunch I headed out to further support the locals aka the cafe that makes the best coffee in town aka my fave aka mono loco. Got an iced latte with oat milk and it was fab. Then I went on a little walk around the neighbourhood and to the apartment.
I loved that apartment and didn’t realise on that day how many sleepless nights and stress it would bring up until now. I’m confusion, I’m mad, I dont know what to do.
In the evening I went over to my possible roommate (took the bus which was a weird experience cause everyone’s looking kinda frustrated or emotionless due to the mask. Except for that one couple that took off their masks and started making out). We made a carrot soup, bought ice cream and ate on the balcony.
On Tuesday a friend came down to plagwitz and we got lunch together. I think I have spend more money in these 4 days than I have in the last 4 weeks. But I also had a way better time so
Got a falafel burrito from don kichot and it was delicious. We sat and ate down by the water in the sunshine. Luv it.
Afterwards we went on a lil walk, picked up some bits from different stores, meaning putting on a mask, taking a mask, putting on a mask….. and planned to have breakfast together the next day.
Before the skies turned rather grey we got an iced matcha with coconut milk and a chocolate chip cookie from a new cafe that opened up in my area. The matcha- milk ratio was not entirely correct but the cookie was good.
I was really tired because I hadn’t slept much and it was really humid outside. I sat in bed and procrastinated cleaning the pig sty that I sometimes like to call my apartment. I successfully procrastinated until Wednesday evening.
Made dinner and then I slept.

The next morning I got up, made a coffee and waited for it to turn 9. I took out my beloved bike and made my way up north to have breakfast with my friend. Overnight oats with banana, apple, berries, peanut butter, almonds and cinnamon. And she made cappuccinos. What a fantastic start to the day. We also ate in the sunshine on the balcony!
Afterwards we went on a little walk (with our masks cause we had to go to a shop to buy an ice cube tray).
Then I went home, studied, made lunch.
At 4:45 we had another viewing but the blueprint wasn’t good so we decided to take the first apartment, that’s what I thought at least. When I got home I finally cleaned my room and made dinner.
Not saying that the first picture is on any kind of food blogger level but I ain’t risking my food to get cold for a shot. Plus, as you can see, the reality looked way different anyway. I also feel obligated to say that it got worse. I mixed it all up, added more ketchup, went in for seconds and sent it all down the shoot. That on what is currently swimming around in ma belly.
Then I was insulted and called names by a mother and now I don’t know what’s going to happen.
Didn’t sleep well again. I feel dead.
Just had breakfast (with peanut butter!) and packed my stuff. Gonna go home today.
Currently waiting for the agent to call while procrastinating working on uni stuff. Already packed away my laptop so that might never happen. It’s only 10:16 and I wanna go to bed again.
Had a grand, sunny time with a big shadow hanging over it.

It’s basically a month later now and I will sum up what I’ve been doing since then. But I am 110% sure that that day nothing else was done other than procrastinate and watch youtube. Never heard from the agent either.

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