from bad to good to bad

the fancy posts have been put on hold for the unforeseeable future. the shit show is back. I’m talking ugly ass pictures, me whining and complaining and making zero effort like what so ever.

So. I woke up at 7 from a nightmare. I dreamt that I broke into someone’s house beause I thought it was a taco place and I wanted to get tacos. It didn’t look like a restaurant or anything it was an appartment, with a doorbell nice wooden floors, 3 bedrooms (I know because I saw 2 kids afterwards, one had a bunkbed in their room). I went into their kitchen and sat there. Don’t know what happened next, I remember the crying and scared mom suddenly calling the dad telling him that I broke in and what to do. She treated me like I was a psychopath and I felt like I was on drugs throughout the dream. Last thing I remember before waking up was me taking my bike back home, hoping she wouldn’t call the police, but I was thinking ha! she didn’t ask me for my name. Then I woke up.

I fell asleep again tho which barely ever happens after a dream like that. I finally got up at half 9, feeling very sick from all the chocolate chip cookies I ate yesterday. It’s the evening now and I still don’t feel great. I had a zoom meeting (went well again!!) at 11 so I got up, made breakfast which in hindsight was reaaaallly stupid. I ate so much even tho I was not hungry. Haven’t eaten anything since.

So I did some stuff for uni from like 10 to 3 and I’m actually really chuffed with myself and that sudden motivation I had. Then I went on a walk with the dogs. The weather at the moment is da best and puts me in a fantastic mood (most days). After that walk I made a tea and fell asleep on the terrace in the sun. Nothing better than that. Well falling asleep in the sun… in Spain would win but that’s not an option atm and we gotta work with what we get.

Then Mama and I went to the store. Got me some vegan “dairy” products cause I’m avoiding dairy to see if I feel less sick. Today I just feel sick cause I binged on white wine and vegan cookies yesterday evening while video calling my friends.

It was so fun!! I’ve known them since I was 14 or something crazy and we still get along so well! We lost some of the girls along the way, we used to be 8 now we’re 4 but maybe some day we’ll all meet up. That would be so fun. Let me explain yesterday’s snack-up. We’ve got chocolate chip cookies (I went back to get more obvs) tea, oat milk, white wine.

Shops under 800m2 reopened again today and Merkel is mad cause instead of following the distancing rules and staying home like we’re supposed to, everyone rather stands in line at the harware store. People are so dumb, I wouldn’t be surprised if I’m still quarantining at my parent’s on my birthday. If you paid attention you know when that is.

Hm considering I love my birthday (especially last years one) I would have expected more than one birthday post. hold on. wait. I just thought of a draft I think I have.

I was right!!!!! LOOOOOL. I never published it for what ever reason. There’s no shame. I’m publishing this now.

I’m in the actual worst mood now. The saying I’m not mad just disappointed really goes. Except that I’m mad and disappointed. Let me describe it in the worst possible way! We had a pact and he fried pasta in ainmal fat. Your welcome #gemischteshack

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