the daily morn

I know what day of the week it is now because uni started 11 days ago (not even mad about it) and I have online classes! Had my first zoom meeting today which went surprisingly well actually. I even volunteered to be the spokesperson of my group. Anyway, here are quotes from my professor: “Can you give me a happy smiley for a yes please” and “I only know grammerly from that dreadful advertisment on youtube”.

I guess this whole online thing takes some adjusting, but I quite liked it.

This is what most of my days are like now:

I wake which can be anywhere between 7 which is when my dad get’s up, so I wake up and either go back to sleep. Hold on. Just today I learned the difference between academic and business English and that long sentences suck and if possible you should put it into an illustration. Will do. FUN this will take up a bit more time of my day.


Publishing this post after I:

  1. Woke up
  2. Got up at breakfast time (8:30)
  3. Put on wearing my workout clothes
  4. am currently eating vegan yog with a grapefruit and a coffee
  5. We’ll see where we’ll go from here.

Edit: We didn’t go anywhere for a ling time. Once I got up I neither took a snack because I ate so much cornflakes nor did I do anything for uni. Have been procrastinating for a solid 4 hours, updating “about” pages and writing posts.

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