asparagus in second place

PSA: this post is a mess. I was originally going to describe my weekend routine, which turned into a tortilla recipe and ends with me nominating the best vegetable of the season.

Don’t let the words “weekend routine” mislead you it could honestly be any other day. The only difference is that my father makes sure that it feels like one by going to the bakery to get freshly baked bread rolls every Saturday morning and the smell of them woke me up.

Other than the smell of bread and the fact that my dad is home there is not much of a difference to let’s say last Tuesday.

My sister is still asleep at 11 and will be asleep until at least 2. No idea how or what she’s doing in there nor do I particularly want to know. My mom is working on her desk, I just finished a KREUZWORTRÄTSEL. Here’s how I successfully solved it:
1. Made a coffee
2. Took a pen and started filling out all gaps that I knew (English word for “oder”: or; bike for two people: “tandem”…)
3. Then I ask my dad who’s been sitting at the table eating, reading the paper and drinking tea. We think, guess, and I read the all the unsolved clues hoping for him to have some answers.
4. We’re about 70% percent done now and definitely won’t get any further. At this point it’s time to call the genius that is my grandma. She’s been doing those quizzes for such a long time she basically knows everything: (Different word for “Narr”: “Fex”)
5. And that is how it’s done.

It’s 11:19am now. I’m sitting outside in the sunshine, on my 2nd big cup of coffee and I’m eating yogurt (been loving yog and grapefruit with some cinnamon!). I obviously ate an entire chocolate last night, and a cookie and ice cream so I obviously didn’t feel well this morning. Am I going to learn ever? The answer is no.
Now it’s time to get ready and go on a bike ride (e bike obvs) with the father.

Almost 30 km later and we’re back. I don’t even know where we were tbh there were sheep and fields and water. I didn’t really take advantage of the “e” in the e-bike and drove just normally because I underestimated the wind when going fast so I was trying to get warm. Was listening to the solomun boiler room set. Had a grant time.

In the afternoon I sat in the garden right in the sun, fell asleep, woke up, listened to a podcast and fell asleep again.

In the evening I made my own tortillas to make a burrito-ish dinner. I’m talking lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, sprouts, bell pepper, couscous, chickpeas, yogurt dressing and tahini. Unpopular opinion: I don’t really like tahini. Maybe the brand we have sucks but it tasted kinda bitter.

Afterwards I binge watched la casa de papel – spanish audio, english subtitles. Very challenging for a Saturday night but I couldn’t stop. I have two episodes left which I will savour for tonight! Wasn’t the biggest fan of season 3, no reason really but this one oooh my.

After 6 hours of sleep I woke up at 7am on a Sunday. I believe that these three things should never occur in one sentence. I have been scrolling through recipes for an hour and I’m thinking a beet root Dahl is going to be my dinner, (edit from 2 weeks later: it never was, but roasted beetroot might just win the veggie award of spring 2020) I might make pasta from scratch or eat whatever my mom’s making (that). Who knows the day is still young. 

Whoa got an idea. Let’s pretend like it’s not almost 2 weeks later and I didn’t just very rudely canceled a date with a guy from tinder. Ya that happened. A guy texted me.

Anyway. Back to my idea. I wrote my normal weekend routine, forgot about my normal weekend routine and now just rediscovered my normal weekend routine in my drafts. Still gonna post it but the tortillas will be the star of the show. And with show I mean shit show. I’ve had quite the amount of tortilla wraps since then. Store bought, but the toping is what counts. I forgot to take pictures of many of them because I never expected them to become the star of a post. But then again, the quality of this blog is so low that no one would be surprised.

Gonna quickly draw the podium for the veggie awards and then I’ll upload this.

That’s corn on the cob in third place, asparagus coming in second and the winner is the beetroot. (And now take my phone away from me, I have to study and I think I have gone mad.)

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