run, eat, sleep, repeat

New week new me. Weeks feel like years now so I think its appropriate to rediscover oneself each week. New resolutions, new mes and veganuary.

You can go to bed at 10 for a week, if you still have the sense of time. You can go vegan for a week and actually pull through. You can workout 5 times a week. Then it’s a new week and you never have to work out again.

Writing this I realize that that makes little to no sense. It does in my head tho and that’s all that matters taking that I’m the only one reading this.

This weeks new me is one that casually runs a 10k. Who knows what’s gonna happen. Is she gonna run for 11 next week? Is she never going on a run again. Only time will tell.

My mom made greasy af pancakes for dinner. Breaking all the food rules. I lost a fair amount of weight the past months and she’s trying to get me back to having rolls. I mean I wanna gain same weight but not by eating a ton of white and not without going to the gym. That body ain’t gon be a pretty one. Also played a round of trivial pursuit. I didn’t lose. Did have to drink a gin with that. It was not the calmest situation to be in.

I microwaved my porridge this morning and I have to say, it tasted better. Then I tried to cancel my flights to the Philippines but the number my travel agency sent me was for the theater in my town. Great 🙂 Also made a parcel for matilde for quarantine times, her birthday and easter which sadly but conveniently all fall I to the same week. We’re talking chocolate rabbits, birthday decorations, cards, letters, chocolate spread and haribo.

Imma go edit the Denmark pictures, I took over a months ago now. I’m bored and the odd box delivery man isn’t coming :(. This might quickly turn into me watching youtube videos. I just saw that healthycrazycool uploaded a new video. Don’t always like his stuff but I do prefer it over editing pictures rn.

oh crap that was tuesday. Its saturday now, the delivery man did come btw, I just didn’t realise. The denmark pictures were never edited and I can’t remember what else happened that afternoon. Ah my sister baked a red velvet layer cake which I ate a massive piece of, well 2. The second one was my midnight snack :).

Think the meal for the get Kati a muffin top mission was milk rice that evening. Didn’t finish the pasta cause I knew it was expected of me to eat the rice. How messed up am I?!


Had a lil yog in the morning and then went on a run. I totally just hit 14k. I mean I’m super stocked but my toe does hurt now cause apparently I am unable to buy shoes that fit BOTH my feet. Haven’t been able to walk properly since then which sucks since that’s the only thing were allowed to do.

At 12 I chose my modules for the next semester. Dude this sucks. I was so exited for the summer, the profs are cool, the weather is nice, there are many new erasmus students, I’m in the best mood, the lakes are crowded and the parks are filled with people making a bbq. Well the profs are online now, the weather has to be enjoyed from the terrace…. at my parents house, the students were sent back home, my mood is still okay but theres no saying of how long that will last for. We’ve made it to 2 weeks so far. The lakes and parks are empty due to quarantine, social distancing and isolation.

I went to the shops, bought flowers and other bits and then to the post office to drop of my parcel for matilde. Bloody hell sending you’re friend a quarantine survival box ain’t cheap!

Also baked biscuits cause I saw a recipe on Instagram and we miraculously had all the in ingredients in the house (even flour!).

Afternoons are pretty much the same. I have lunch, go on a walk with my mom, then have a coffee outside in the sun and then sit around, dance around or stand around until dinner. Think that day my mom made another one of my favourite meals from when I was young. Mashed potato.


Yoohoo made it to Friday. I do remember what I did yesterday. Slept in as every day. I keep having midnight snacks and damn they knock me right out and I sleep for ever (writing this at 7am, saturday morning despite snack)

When I went downstairs I was planning on going on a run but damn my foot is messed up so the grocery shop with my mom it was. I got some fancy food like a huge tub of salted caramel icecream (the midnight snack). Breakfast was a grapefruit. Always thought I hated those but it actually was quite good. Then I drew a picture. That’s what the virus does. Gets you doing things you probably should be doing anyway (accept hoarding toilet paper- that’s something you should never ever be doing you idiots) but never do for some reason: work out in nature, draw, deep clean rooms, talk to your friends on the PHONE, dance around go on long ass walks, spend time with the fam.

I drew an italian food platter 🙂

Went on a walk with los perros after lunch and suddenly it was 4. We were gonna make waffles (I have a post planned since like 2 sundays ago, dont think it’s ever gonna happen) but neither of us was hungry so I had a coffee outside in the sun, reading (being read to) Christodora which I still haven’t finished but I’m enjoying the end.

Couldn’t motivate myself for any sort of workout which was annoying.

Dinner was a curry I made. It was good. My dad kinda criticized the food I always make and called it something along the lines of healthy, bio finkel something. What an ass. Go microwave a greasy sausage and heat up that leftover cheese thing from yesterday and get suck from all the saturated fats old man.

Had a gin and a tub of icecream after watching noch nicht schicht (satire news show with pufpaff). Then watched the yt playlist now7 and went to bed.


Saturday. Been up since 6:30, heard my dad getting up at 7 to go to the store and buy toilet paper probably. I can also hear my sister coughing non stop since then. Its half 7 now. Oh god.

Well. Went on a 10k and a bike ride with the father. We saw some baby sheep. Then I sat outside in the sun and finally finished christodora!!!! 9/10. Loved the end. Also had cake.

From 8:30 to 9:30 we sat in the dark to raise awareness for climate change and such.


Sunday. Changed the clock from 2 to 3 tonight and I woke up at 7am summer time. Aka 6. I didn’t feel well, and it was snowing/ raining/ grey outside. So I already knew that today was going to be shit. I had a porridge for breakfast which did not particularly make me feel any better. Also found a picture of myself on the catshostel instagram in Madrid.

I sat in the same spot next to the radiator all day, only getting up to get more water or to then to pee. I posted a fancy ass blog post and watched youtube videos until every last one of my brain cells I could potentially need for uni (if it ever starts again) died.

For dinner I planned to have a buddah bowl with all the veggies and wholesome food smothered in a tahini dressing . I ended up eating potatoes and brussel sprouts with ketchup.

It’s now the new 11 and I’m strangely tired. Weird considering I haven’t moved at all all day. Also just ate all the snacks. I’m talking chocolate, a spoonful of peanut butter, biscuits, 2 slices of cake and 2 pb&j. Now I’m nice and full and have jam stains all over my duvet which I had to take to the sofa cause I got berry stains on my blanket from yesterday’s snack. Night

There are no pictures.

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