flour = gold

  • bored?
  • you’re craving biscuits (we can’t be friends if this is ever not the case)
  • you wanna feel like a 1950’s housewife and wanna spend some time in the kitchen? (guys are included here obviously!)
  • you’re one of the lucky few (me included) who owns a bit of flour/ wrestled a soccer mom in the aisle of the supermarket for it/ stole it from a grandma’s shopping basket?
  • you’re one of those who bought 17 kilos worth of flour thinking you’re gonna bake a good ol’ loaf now, but you’re seen buying a freshly baked whole weat bread with all the seeds and good stuff everyother day?

So instead of baking bread, we’re baking biscuits. Easter biscuits (I feel the need to put ”easter” in front because it’s basically the same recipe I used for the ones I made in December). Anywho, I made a big ass effort creating this so you’re welcome, but thanks at the same time, I was bored to death.

them ones: https://ktk80.com/2018/12/11/5-1-dough/

I now realize that this recipe is rather useless but creating the graphic did entertain me for over an hour so I’m not even mad.

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