she bakes and owns all the hotels

Put it in a round tin cause I couldn’t find the “bread shaped” one. Toppings were cream cheese with lettuce and cucumber, brie and cassis jam, avocado mayo and feta.

Here’s a list of things I did today:

  • Slept in until 10
  • Baked bread (the recipe)
  • Coffee
  • Started watching the annenmaykantereit docu
  • Fixed a broken string on my guitar
  • Learned the first verse of ‘du bist anders’ on guitar
  • Stood outside in the sun
  • Made lunch (pictured)
  • Listened to Das Coronavirus Update mit Christian Drosten (podcast on spotify) in the sun
  • Did a 60 minute HIIT by bodykiss with a following boogie to annenmaykantereit
  • Had a pasta dinner
  • Watched all the youtubes
  • Had a yogurt-y – granola-y snack, some tea and a cookie
  • Slept


  • Slept til 9
  • Had banana and yogurt for breakfast
  • Went for a 10k run
  • Was dripping from my forehead for a while
  • Showered
  • Currently sitting in front of the radiator cause the weather officially sucks
  • had a post run porridge with berries
  • sat around
  • lunch was bread
  • Lenchos and I played guitar and heads up
  • made a tomato sauce with all the veggies and lentils with pasta for dinner
  • played monopoly with la familia, I won, owned all the houses streets and had all the dollars
  • ate pistachio LINDOR (new found love of my life)
  • slept


  • slept in til 9
  • had a yog and berries
  • walked to a supermarket cause I needed peanut butter in my life (was out for almost 3 hours)
  • had lunch at 2
  • almost 4 now, been watching yt, snacking on dried fruits and nuts and am now on roomsketcher, sketching out all my interior fantasies lol
  • gonna have a coffee and do a workout
  • Called Matilde instead. Damn the world is scary
  • Tried to do a workout then but I was unmotivated so I sat on my bed instead
  • Made a delicious dinner with all the veggies
  • Made tea and a revolutionary snack concoction consisting of microwaved frozen berries, yogurt, muesli and peanut butter (watch me have at least a spoonful of peanut butter with every single meal, but you better be social distancing so you can’t do anything about that)


  • Slept until 6 and started drawing the commuting map of Corona
  • Had a porridge with berries, apple and crunchy pb (obvs)
  • Gonna look at an actual map (made out of paper!) with my dad now to find a route to hike
  • We hiked. For 4 hours! 4.
  • I picked “flowers”, we drank coffee on a trunk and ate biscuits and we walked and walked and walked
  • I sat around for the rest of the day checking the news to see what new rules there are for the following week
  • you get to leave with the people you live with
  • If you’re with a friend you gotta keep a distance of 2 meters
  • You get to go buy groceries, go to a pharmacy, drugstore or take away restaurant
  • You’re allowed to do sports like go on a run or for a walk

In the evening I spread peanut butter on bread, spread peanut butter on chocolate and then ate peanut butter straight from the jar with a spoon. Fun times.

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