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I’m currently in bed (3:30 pm on a Friday, waiting for my mom to arrive (in 4 hours and procrastinating picking up my asos order) reading back some of the last blog posts I published and look how much effort I used to put in!!!

I mean COME ON!!!! Forge any other post I’ve ever upladed and look at this one.

damn i miss summer and traveling (I am currently in bed, under 2 blankets, with the radiator turned on, tea beside me looking at grey skies, fearing that the government is going to forbid travelling)

Now that I basically don’t have a social life no more I’m considering doing that again. No promisses tho.

Alright, my mom arrived, I got a falafel wrap which was divine and then I slept.

Now it’s Saturday morning, I am yet again waiting for my mom but this time, I just had porridge straight out of the pot (no dirty dishes!), I swear all aesthetic has left me. But the skies are blue, the sun is out and the birds are chirping. Plan is to walk into town, drop of a parcel at the post office on the way and then shop until we drop. I’m thinking running shoes, a shampoo bar and lunch. Oh and ice cream.

Yesterday’s midnight snack was a date, dried cranberries and cashews and it actually filled me up! I looked it up cause I wasn’t tired and it said that in Arabic countries they eat dates after dinner because of something I forgot.

Here’s what my breakfast looked like this morning:

Right. That was successful!!! I got running shoes (in sale!), a shampoo bar, lunch (vegan schnitzel bread roll), ice cream (dark chocolate and pistachio aka the actual dream) and on top of that I found a new book to entertain myself whilst basically being stuck at home. I am currently reading christodora (have been for the past 2 months) and I have about 50 pages to go. Thing is it’s starting to bore me. Like it’s just one bad thing happening after the other and it’s annoying me that none of the characters seem to be able to get their shit together. I mean that’s life but still. On the other hand I wanna know how it ends.

I have several ideas on how to survive this horrible corona situation. First one: not get infected (sorry, that was terrible).

  • read
  • try out new recipes like a vegan wild garlic mayo (coming your way once I stop procrastinating)
  • train for a 10k run
  • blog

Alright. It’s Sunday now btw and today was the first day of training for the 10k. I actually managed to go on for 45 minutes. I mean I was slow but good thing we have weeks to train and a lot of boredom. I did wake up at 4am and was not able to go back to sleep. I woke up sweating cause the heat was on, so that was fun. At 8 I got up, made banana-y and granola-y porridge, had a slice of bread and skyr for the gainzzz.

At half 10 I finally got ready and went to the tracks (is that the correct term, probably not). Afterwards I went on a 2 hour bike ride with the father. Went through the woods and it was the most beautiful weather! We found wild garlic, hence the ”trying out new recipes…”. Then I had a delish AND rather aesthetically pleasing lunch and took a nap OUTSIDE in the SUN! Pretty good day. Also about to edit my Denmark pictures from last months to put them in a post. Gotta keep busy my friends!

I just took pictures for a blog post that I will edit now! I took pictures from this blogger- bird- perspective angle! I know right 🤯 byeeee

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