on a date with yours truly

First post I write in ages (at 4 am) and it got deleted. That’s how life is going. I was also really happy with the opening sentence because it included a joke about “this beauty ” :

I think I also mentioned going home with my mom tomorrow cause she’s coming to visit today. The whole situation is kinda scary. Like first the people buy all the toilet paper and pasta and now that unis are closed (no uni until may 4th) and kindergartens are being shut down people are hoarding cigarettes. Lol.

I didn’t wanna say this but hey. I gotta admit that I did buy an extra pack of tomato sauce and a new pack of spaghetti yesterday. I mean I rarely ever even eat pasta and would much prefer a good old vegetable but if worse comes to worst I will happily devour a plate of pasta with ketchup.

The main reason I was writing this post, and am writing it again now is because a) I don’t have uni until May 4th and will need a hobby, b) it was 4am, I couldn’t sleep cause I was hungry cause I didn’t eat enough cause I felt sick, c) it’s 11 now and I’m waiting to head to the gym for an ab and jump workout and d) I took myself on a date yesterday cause someone’s gotta.

Also, this has nothing to do with anything but I’m thinking about buying a pair of running shoes because idk if I wanna hit the corona infused gym any longer but like I can’t live without moving you know.

Second out of context thing: think I’m gonna DIY my own sugaring waxing thing. My friend told me about a tutorial on youtube and she mixes sugar and something and that concoction basically rips out every last bit of hair there is.

So I couldn’t really sleep in yesterday. It’s weird some days I sleep until 11 others until 4. The days I sleep in are the days I binge eat or have dinner at midnight. What does that tell you? I gotta eat more. But I feel sick. Anyway if I had published the last post I wrote, you would know all about that dilemma.

So yes. I was up and made myself a breakfast. Proats. In hindsight that may have not been the best idea because even tho I would enjoy having a sixpack, I did not enjoy the constant walks to the bathroom later that day (…she said while digesting her breakfast that included protein powder and skyr yogurt). It was delicious. It tasted like a berry-y cake (thanks to the berries I topped the porridge with).

Then I headed out the door to catch a train to Halle. I read that there was an exhibition about/ on/ from (@ native speakers: help me) Karl Lagerfeld and I legit did not have anything better to do. None of my friends are in Leipzig. None. And there’s only that much you can do here other than getting coffee or walking around.

So first thing I did when arriving in Halle was to get a coffee.

Let me explain tho. It was rather early and I already got hungry again, on top of that I was still sleepy and I saw this cafe called the shabby on instagram that looked nice. It was also raining and grey and I wasn’t gonna spend 9 bucks on a ticket for an exhibition while hangry and in a bad mood.

I got to the shabby. First impression was: unfriendly stuff, cute interior, good menu. I got a cappuccino with oat mild and vegan pancakes with all the maple syrup and then read until the grey skies turned blue.

I saved the post, and am gonna fo to the gym now. Wish me luck, my back still aches from the push workout I did 2 days ago. I meeeean the trainer I don’t like did the classes and I didn’t feel 100% but I’ll manage. Back to yesterday.

At Moritzburg I paid 9 bucks to get in, locked my stuff away and went to see the evolution of modern art aka exhibition 1 and then went on to see retrospective aka exhibition 2. I wasn’t 100% into it but at least I was cultured af and left the house.

The weather turned out to be quite nice so instead of heading straight to the train station I walked into town. They had the same shops as here so there was nothing too overwhelming. There were however quite a few ice cream places and I kept myself from getting a scoop from the first one, telling myself I didn’t like the flavours. Even went in to the second one I saw but yet again didn’t get a cone. Then I saw the 3rd one and finally told my silly ass to shut the hell up, went in and got 2 scoops!!! Dark chocolate and yogurt berry. It was sunny and warm enough to sit outside so that’s what I did. Never been happier!

The sun then disappeared behind clouds which was a sign to leave and take a train back to Leipzig. That and message I received on my phone. Halle was the first bigger city in germany to close schools and kindergartens. Great. Called matilde and my parents. Matilde is fine, the “hype” around corona isn’t as big in thailand! Decided to drive home with my mom when she comes to visit tho. Not sure for how long idk how long the corona is gonna last. I’m actually praying for it to calm down so that I can go to the wedding in the Philippines. So far it doesn’t look promising.

When i arrived in Leipzig the sun was shining again so instead of staying in the tram that would take me right to my door step I got of some stops earlier. There was also a girl rubbing her face against one of them handrails. No ragrets tho cause I got to walk through the park, along the river and down to a cute little cafe. Ordered another cappuccino with oat milk and kept reading my book outside, in the sunshine!!!

Then I went to the supermarket. I did buy a pack of spaghetti and oats because the empty shelves made me feel a lil uneasy. At that point I started shaking and my vision became weirdly blurry. At that point I thought I needed sugar so I bought rhubarb soda and chocolate. In hindsight I think I may have had too much sugar which is why I was shaking. Oh well.

Dinner was cucumber and pizza cause balance. Fell asleep at 10 watching some weird foody yt videos and as we all know woke up at 4.

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