le weekend

Weekend. What other people call a weekend, I call a Saturday or second to last day of the week where I have to work. So I stood in front of the hotel, sweating in what felt like 30 degree summer heat. Wasn’t obviously but the weather was beauts. I walked back and forth with coffee pots filled with coffee, empty plates filled with disgusting leftovers and buckets filled with dirty water and bread crumbs. At 11 we emptied the buffet, I got out the duster and vacuum cleaner and got rid of crumbs and also spilled scrambled eggs.

That was also the day I got my own key card!!! Usually only people who actually work there (I actually work there too don’t know the words tho so deal with this description) get one so I was well exited!

Couldn’t wait to go home tho cause my dad was on his way and in the trunk of the car? A new fridge!!!! One that doesn’t make a sound and lights up when you open the door and *drum roll* IT haS a FREEZER! So watch me make nice cream and everything freezable. I haven’t explored that part of cooking, creating and experimenting yet so I’m well exited! I have also never fully explored the freezer section (is that what its called) in supermarkets yet so you will find me spend a lot more time there!

But first things first. Food. I was hungry. So we went to the restaurant we always go to and sat outside (in October!!) in the sunshine! I got the same I always get. An avocado and halloumi salad! It is so good and I keep forgetting the name of the dressing which is annoying but gives me a reason to go back (not that I would need one). The service that day su-hucked tho. Jeez they were unorganised and everything took thrice as long.

Afterwards we went back to my appartment and I finally got a fridge with freezer! Watch me never having to deal with moldy bread ever again!!!! Then we went to the supermarket, I got 20 bottles of club mate which I would have never been able to carry and some ice cream! (Working with a lot of exclamation marks here, but I’m exited).

Then we went down to the canal, got some coffee and cake and enjoyed the sun. Good day. Good day. After my dad left I literally jumped on the next bus towards the park and met some friends who had been having a bbq there. We drank some beer and then walked to one of their appartments. Good evening. Good evening.

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