world porridge day

Turns out that I do have a favourite day of the year. But let’s set the scene first. It’s froday morning, my next door neighbor is taking a shower which means I live next to an Icelandic waterfall right now (only complaining about at what time of day the spectacle takes place (7 am).

Yesterday was world porridge day which had me very excited for breakfast. I didn’t wanna experiment and run the risk of skrewing up on this holy day, so I went back (as if I ever went anywhere further) to basics and made my beloved apple and cinnamon porridge. Tastes like autumn (@Muricans, that’s fall) (like apple and cinnamon) in a bowl. I am trying to go with no/ less caffeine in the day because I’m convinced I don’t drink it for that and just because it taste good. So far I am right, i didn’t drink anything in the morning which is probably worse and still went to the gym at 7 going the whole day without caffeine and just tea and water!

At 11 I had to go to uni to ask my prof about erasmus. She complimented my paper I wrote but couldn’t help me with the actual thing. Because I was so close, I heeded into town l, went to søstrene grene and bought gooseberry jam (holy crap that stuff is absolutely delicious!), hooks, lollipops and loose leaf tea. How proud that I didn’t buy a cute bowl or a butter knife or a wooden spoon??

When i got home I made lunch. I up the spinach, grilled some pumpkin and bell pepper and cooked the previously soaked lentils!

At 6 I went out again because there was a gym class at half 7 I wanted to try out. Never been to one before even tho I’ve been going to the gym for almost a year now! Cray cray. I went to a stretch class and it was so good! I felt so calm afterwards! Went on a little 4k run before to warm up them “muscles” and the class went really well then. Think I wanna try out a sixpack and a yoga one next!

Afterwards i went grocery shopping and stocked up on veggies. I also bought a vegan steak and it’s actually so good!!

At home I made some hummus (chickpeas, plain yogurt, lemon, garlic, kurkuma, salt and pepper) think today I’ll add some pumpkin cause I have to use it and am not a fan of the consistency quite yet. Also had that steak and zucchini and continued watching the great British menu.


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