all i wanted was a ladle

Hola hola! Friday. Bed. Icelandic waterfall. It’s 23 minutes later and it stopped. I’m gonna recreate one now and then make some wake wakey eggs and bakey. Without eggs and bakey cause we vegan this week. I’m thinking wakey wakey gurt and flakey (aka yogurt and oats but we shall see). I also discovered this thing on lidl’s website where you meal.plan the entire week and I found some cool recipes. Might see if I find some inspo! But first shower.

Oh btw. I might go to IKEA today. I’m not 100% sure because it’s quite the drive and there are always strange people on the bus, but I do have a family card and would get a free coffee sooo..

Just got an email and I’m an official buddy now! I have 3 international students in my group that I will be supporting throughout the semester! I’m well exited (lil nervous, gotta say).

It’s not even 9 but I’ll get ready and head to ikea I think, at least it won’t be too crowded and I can have lunch there!!

I love taking myself on lil dates like that, gonna update. Also psa: there are gonna be many pictures of furniture and cute cups that I wanna own. You can pray for me, that I won’t buy anything xx.

Ah yes. Spent 31€ obviously. I got a carpet, tiny lil shelves, a frame, a clothes rack, an inside-the-wardrobe-shelf, glass bottles (think that’s it, I gotta check the bill).

yes I spelled ladle wrong

bored on the bus

I have an ikea family card which means I get a free coffee, but I felt weird just getting an empty cup to refill as many times as I want, so I bought a chocolate filled pancake as well! (It was so delish!!!)

Got not one, but 3 of them little shelves on the big shelf

I would never leave my bed ever again. The way I am living rn, I at least have to get up to eat! I forbid myself to ever get one of those!


the aftermath

So I “built” shelves, rolled out carpets, printed and framed pictures and reorganised my cupboard that I like to call the pantry, cause that’s what it is. I only have one room what do you want me to do??

In the evening I went to the gym. More specifically to a workout class. Today: sixpack. Gotta say it was hard but I’m motivated to go again. Think I’ll go to yoga on Sunday.

Afterwards I made din din which basically was the same as the last couple of days. I finished up the pumpkin, had another zucchini and vegan steak. Today I added chickpeas cause you gotta secure them gains (don’t leave, I swear I’ll never say that again!). Dessert was carrot and cucumber with diy-ed hummus and an apple.

Now I will be watching YouTube until every last one of my brain cells has officially died and then I will sleep. I gotta work tomorrow, then my dad is coming to visit (he’s bringing goods (you’ll see) I’m so exited!!!) and after that I’m going out (can you believe it? 🤯 I know!)

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