Trump, I’m coming for your alcohol

Edit: It is April 20th 2020. I’m “social distancing” at my parent’s and everyone’s plans have been cancelled, lifes have been put on hold and worst of all: I NEVER PUBLISHED MY FRIGGIN BIRTHDAY POST! The next post will explain why I’m doing so now.

08/ 22- 23/ 2019

August 22 is the day before our favourite day of the year. The 22nd was not as unspectacular the past days had been. I think I’ve mentioned the bucket list Xuliette and I made. We even went one step further and planned out on when exactly we would cross the thing off the list.

On today’s agenda was ravioli. Xuliette hadn’t been talking about anything else but those Raviolis and had to try to distract herself by eating cheap ones from Lidl. On the 22nd that torture was over. After school we walked across the street to the 📌 Lambrusqueria. Menú del día: Ravioli.
An entire menu (I am talking starter, main and dessert) costs 10 bucks. 10. So that’s what we all got. I had some salad with cheese and orange, grilled vegetables and for dessert a melon.
Because Xulia obviously couldnt be there we took the prettiest picture of her we could find and set it up on the empty chair. (Jeez 🤦‍♀️😂).

Afterwards I met some german and swiss people from school to go up the cathedral. The stairwell was narrow, dark and steppy (that means there are many steps to the top). The view was nice tho *insert inspirational Hannah Montana quote about the nice view from the top*.

Afterwards we went to the Horchateria (Orxatería) (Orchaterrrria (who knows)) because they had never tried the Horchata (Orxata) (Orchataaa (who knows)) before.
Then they went to a park and I met up with Xuliette again. I think we went to Lidl cause what else would we be doing. The reason for me to think that is that I found a picture of disgusting sugar free, chocolate icecream that I paid 3€ for. I remember getting it in a pub opposite of Lidl.

So. In case you didn’t know. The 23rd of august is our favourite day of the year. It’s my birthday and this year it was even more special, it was the 21st!!!!
I dont actually remember what exactly I did so let me refresh my memory by going through my photos.

Ah yes. I woke up super sick with the worst cold I’ve ever had (no I’m not exaggerating at all). I walked to school and my parents called on the way there.

In the afternoon we went to 📌 La Romana, the actual best ice cream place on earth (every Italian is coming for me with a pizza shovel now). I didn’t get one I didn’t get two, I got 3 flavours because it was my birthday.

Afterwards Xuliette and I walked around Russafa cause apparently that was all we were doing that week. Eat, nap, walk around neighborhood and basically annoy each other like an old married couple.

Because it was past 4 and it was my birthday we stopped at a pub and got a beer and chips (I think the real reason was that we were sick and couldnt walk anymore).

I think that may have been it for the day. There aren’t any more pictures and if we had actually done more than that I would have been so surprised. Wait for the next day tho I was really supporting my early death that day.

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