Hola hola. Last stop. This is gon be live a lil later cause I’m at my grandma’s house and wifi is not available to me. I’m reading my dads old books, watch the same our planet episodes that I downloaded over and over again and I’m walking to the grocery store.

It’s Tuesday, I’m taking a train home tomorrow. It’s Tuesday 4:49AM which is the time of day the creative juices flow, which sucks cause I’d rather be sleeping. Been up for 2 hours as well cause I don’t walk around as much during the day and I’m basically chilling and not moving. But let’s talk 📌 Nijmegen.

I like the city, it’s not too big, it has a river and beaches, quite a few shops, vegan restaurants, students and no hills.

I arrived at the 📌 train station and Xulia was waiting for me by the exit. First thing we did was rent a bike. She took my giant bag and drove home as if she wasn’t 12 kilos heavier!
We went to 📌 coop to pick up some stuff for lunch (there was a 2 for 1 discount for Tony’s chocolate. We bought 4.).

At her house we made quite the instagrammable lunch if I do say so myself. I am talking hummus and cheese plate and soup. Omg I had the best bread roll btw. It’s one of those I would move there for. Like raisin bread but not in white bread (A+ for that explanation, makes it really hard to believe that I passed my American studies exams).

In the afternoon we head out because it was international clean up day, so we grabbed bags, reusable water bottles and bikes and made out way into 📌 town. We looked around for a bit, bought crushed stroop waffles at a market (they make an incredible breakfast bowl topping!!) and then went down to the water (📌 Waal), to pick up trash (cigarette buts really).

I also had to overcome my biggest fear, aka walking past a horse that was blocking the path. I do not like horses they are big and kick you.
On the way back into town we got a lemonade and drank it on a boat (casual).

When Xuliette was done with work in Valencia, we facetimed her and talked for a bit. Was very cool cause last time all of us facetimed Xuliette and I were in Valencia and now I was in Nijmegen with Xulia. (My life is so cool).
I gotta say, I was tired. While Xulia and her roommate prepared dinner I was sitting/ lying in bed and not moving.
This is the message I sent to Xuliette: Hab Julia in diesem Riesenhaus verloren und bin ins falsche Zimmer und stehe jetzt mit meiner aufgewärmeten Suppe hier wie nicht abgeholt.

I eventually managed to find Xulia , in the kitchen. Upstairs. There are two kitchens. We had nachos (omg the cheese!) and more soup and guacamole. That’s also when the beer started and with beer I mean Hefeweizen and with Hefeweizen I mean strong beer on a stomach full of soup. Ah and full of chocolate and coffee. Tony is not the best thing to ever happen to me (or maybe he/ she/it is).

At 11:30 (about 5 hours passed my bed time) we took our bikes and rode them to a reggaetón party at 📌 a club I obviously forgot the name of. Here’s what I know: the party was either called piña or themed piña, it was expensive and they had half pipes in there. One of the things (beside the music) I really liked were the lockers!!!! Why isn’t that a thing in every club? I didn’t have to carry my phone, wallet, keys (hey Adam Sandler). My dance moves have never been better (… statement)
At 3 I got tired so I put on every layer I could find and waited for Xulia to stop having fun.

The next morning we made the next “instagramm influencers would be shedding tears they’d be so proud” meal. Yogurt bowls. My train to Germany (cry) only was at 13:54, so we went into town again, got a coffee in the sunshine and looked around some shops.
Then I had the rest of the soup for lunch, grabbed my bag, said goodbye, went to the supermarket and got the train to my grandma.

Here are some oberservations/ notes I made/ took:

A lot of belgian beer, pasta and many kilometers later and I just crossed the german border!
Wait I’ll calculate how many kilometers I made by train. I like statistics and numbers when it’s in its simplest form. Aka addition (with the help of calculators).

3558 km

It’s Sunday 14:44 the hangover only lasted a few hours in the morning and I’m on a train to my grandma’s house. I’m going to stay there until Wednesday, which is when I’m going home.

How to know that you’re getting further away from Spain and closer to Germany: the policemen get uglier with every train I take.

Think that’s the most realistic statement I could end those incredible 22 days with. Bye. I mean ciao, adiós, au revoir and doei.

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