virus killer

08/ 20-21/ 19

The 2 most boring of all days. Juliette and I were in a MOOD and were acting like an old married couple (fighting wise). We also ate more than 3 elefants and on top of that we were both having a cold. Like the nasty one where first you feel like shit and then you cough. So there are only a handful of pictures. We did write a to do list for the last couple if days we would spend together. I don’t have it but it’s safe to say we o ly crossed.of a quarter of all things and chilled at home most the time. Juliette stayed over a lot and we cooked and went grocery shopping.

On the 21st we went back to 📌 Ruzafa to discover some more pretty houses, cafes and shops. And we did. We found an 📌 american place and we bought reese’s and sour patch kids. Then we went to a cafe called 📌 artysana (or something very similar that means sort of the same as art and health). I got a juice called virus killer that had things like ginger and lemon in it. Did not do anything to kill my virus! I did “study” some vocabulary tho at least I pretended to do so. It would be the first and last time.

In the evening I was gonna get dinner with the previously mentioned italian guy but I felt like poop cause the 5 bucks I spend on juice did not do a thing. So I went home and took a nap. Instead of dinner we met at 10 to get ice cream at 📌 La Romana (best ice cream on earth probably)

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