So it’s 6 and my room mate’s alarm goes off. I think ugh fuck but I get it, she has to get up, so I turn and try to fall asleep. 6:05, her alarm goes again. 6:10, 6:15. This time I don’t think ugh fuck, I say it and turn around again. This time without being able to sleep again. So I get ready and head out the door.
Sunrise was at 7:17 so I made my way to 📌 Montagne de Bueren, a giant stairwell with 374 steps. I walked up within 4 minutes 27 seconds which had to be a new record. Then I sat myself down on a wall and watched the city lights slowly turn off, the moon slowly disappearing and the sunrise.

When I got too cold, I went back to the stairs, walked down… and back up again. 4 minutes 39 seconds this time, and this time I felt my legs. “Mm girl. The fuck you doing, it’s 7? Why we moving?” After a couple minutes I walked back down. There were more people there now, many students. During the first time I was the only one. So: go at 7 not 7:30.

Just saw waffles in the making and I’m typing this without being able to move my thumbs I’m so cold. Smells just as good as Paris at 7am.

Showered and then it was time for breakfast. Was I hungry? No. Did that matter? No. Breakfast was included.

I’m so fucking happy with the buffet. They even had soy milk and it was clean! The coffee was the best thing ever.

100000 calories later (thank you lotus spread and kwatta) and I’m done! It was delicious. Me and buffets are not going together very well. I’ve got zero control.

Checked out at 10 and walked to the station. Along the water, across the wobbly bridge (my favourite thing, it’s so fun) towards the tower, to the coolest train station.

Damn my backpack just fits my back perfectly today. I’m also wearing 4 layers cause I didn’t bring any warm jacket, so a top, a shirt and 2 sweaters it is. Don’t like this cold one bit.

Don’t get on the train through the same door as a woman with her baby. What follows are 30 exhausting minutes. Nvm the baby is eat/drinking (shutting up) and the women are spanish and I understand things.

Loool you drive for 30 minutes and suddenly everyone sounds like a drunk german. Aka everyone’s speaking dutch and my brain thinks it can understand things, which it can’t.
They all sound like my grandparents!!
(They aren’t alcoholics they speak with a west german dialect lol)

Note to self: never start both beginning AND end of a paragraph with “lol”.
I just understood the announcement on the train. My next train is leaving from platform 1. Spor 1.
Made it to 📌 Amsterdam!!!
I’ve walked passed 3 Holland & Berrets and I think im passively high and noone here is dutch, everyone is german.

Mmm. The hostel is a typical old grungy hostel again (📌 Princess Hostel) , nothing fancy like yesterday. But we’ve got a kitchen, a bed and a ,TV IN THE ROOM. I’m typing this watching champions league aka living the life.

In the afternoon I went shopping cause it was COLD and I didn’t bring a jacket. 📌Pull& Bear delivered and I’ve got a new sheep jacket. I didn’t take many pictures today because I felt like a local and didn’t wanna ruin that by taking a picture of Prinsengracht.

On my way back to the hostel I went to 📌marqt and had a look around. Heres why I love that shop: there was chocolate to try!

Then I went to 📌 Lidl. 3€ for oats, apples, tomatoes, zucchini and olives!!!!!! Luv it.

“I don’t even see flowered boxes” I heard an american woman complaining to her husband.

And Thursday. I woke up (super early) and was hella exited for breakfast and was trying to plan my day. There were many different things as to what could have happened that day but I did not expect to wake up on my friends floor in Breda, Friday morning.

So yes I got up fairly early because my room mate had to get ready for Uni so I got up with her and just walked around the area for a bit. There was nothing too interesting except for a billion Dutch people on bikes, creating an actual traffic jam and basically almost killing pedestrians. It’s dangerous. In my way back I went to the 📌 Albert Heijn Supermarket, I’m a big fan, but it sure is pricey. I got a banana, an apple, figs and protein coconut yoghurt!! Around the same time, my friend from 📌 Breda who did his Erasmus in my city texted me that I could come visit which was better than any plan I could have made.

I made breakfast, walked into town, popped into some shops and then bought an expensive train ticket.

When I arrived I a) knew immediately that I was going to like it here and b) was very glad I bought my sheep.

I went to a café (📌 coffee & cream) close to the station, got a coffee (no cream), the wifi password and waited for my friend. At 2 he arrived and we went to another café. I got a second coffee because why not and a delicious apple pie! The only good thing about fall are the apples, honestly!!! They are so good now, sour but sweet and crunchy and I love them.

Then it was 3 and because we realized that we had never clinked glasses with coffee before and came to the conclusion that that’s just not us, we went to a pub and I got a pint. We played foosball and pool and drank. If you were to ask me what a perfect afternoon looked like I would describe something similar to that. After like going on a early in the morning hike, ending in a bay and jumping into the water from rocks.

For dinner we went to the food hall (best thing ever). I get a vegan Brazilian tapioca and sweet potato fries. 10/10. 📌 Samba food

That’s also when another friend from uni joined cause he lived close!! So cool. Love having friends all over. We went to another pub, and then back to the first one, played more games and drank more beers.

The last train back to Amsterdam was at 11. At some point in the evening I checked my watch and it was 12:30am. So yes that didn’t quite pan out the way I thought just a few hours before.

We started talking about different kinds of alcohol with 2 people who played pool with us before! That is how I introduced the Jäganta to the Netherlands (and now the world). Jägermeister and Fanta (my fave).

When the bar closed at 1:30, we went to a kebab shop and then walked to my friends house. And that is how I ended up on his bedroom floor.

The alarm went off at 9 and I WAS NOT HUNGOVER. I was feeling pretty okay for the fact that I drank about 3 litres of beer and Jägermeister. We got up, and first thing on the agenda was to pick out a vinyl to start the day. Queen it was cause we watched bohemian rapsody together in Leipzig! Breakfast was garlic bread and coffee. Then we got ready and took a bus into town. The dad told me (in german!! He sounds like my grandparents) that there was a market in town today so I went and got an apple.

I was gonna take a train back to Amsterdam but decided to have a little.look around because I preferred that city over crowded Amsterdam.

I went to the church and just down some street, to the supermarket and through the park. With every step the hangover kicked in a bit more until I decided to take a train. On the train i ate the tomatoes, baguette and the entire Tony’s chocolate bar (pretzel and toffee) SO delish!!!

I wanted to make the best out of being in Amsterdam so I walked back to the hostel through the 📌 9 streets things. I felt like an actual zombie and was very happy to finally arrive at the hostel. Once I made it into bed I did not move for a while. I called Xuliette, took a shower, ate the rest of my tomatoes and olives and slept.

At 1 am I woke up hoping it was at least 5 just to be disappointed. Couldn’t go back to sleep for a while. Woke up at 5 again and now it’s 6:30 and I’m gonna see if there are any grocery shops open so I can buy some fruit for breakfast. I’m taking a train to my friend in Nijmegen today.

Just realized that this was the last night in a hostel!! 😦

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