So. Do we all remember the belgian guy? From Iceland and Berlin and Bali and Brighton and Bruges? That one. I went to visit him today. Just met up for a few hours to plan THE filipino wedding we got invited to. We’ll book fligh…. wait let’s start from the beginning of the day (3am cause the woman on the bottom bunk in paris was snoring). So I was lying awake for 2,5 hours watching stupid videos and booking a hotel in Amsterdam. Oh yes, I’m going to Amsterdam next!

6:14. Just spent 2€ on a metro ticket, then checked at what time the train leaves, while standing at the platform waiting for the metro. 7:19 (departure of train).
6:14 is also the time I realized I was about to head to the wrong station and the one I had to go to was actually just a 10 minute walk from the hostel. It was a really weird situation cause I didn’t get on the metro that came, instead I decided to check the time. It was as if my unconscious self took over and stopped me from doing something dumb! I would have been at Gare du Lyon, having to pay for a reservation to get to Liège. Thankfully all I had to do now is pay 2 unnecessary euros, walk 10 minutes and wait for 50.

6:14 is also the time, the entire city smells like freshly baked pastries. Good thing I got my over night oats (😐).

7:04. I’m on the train to Mauberge (at least that’s the kind of sound combination I have in my head. Who knows how it’s written).

Very exited to eat. I am hungryyy. I also checked how many calories I used to eat (yes I was bored there’s not much to do around business men drinking coffee and a guy playing Christmas music on a piano). So yes, I checked how much I ate like 2-3 years ago when I went to school. The amount of calories and fat I consumed is shocking and kinda gross. I feel like my diet used to consist of bread, cheese and chocolate.
Good thing I have an apple now and again these days (and don’t forget the excessive amount of plums)!

Gon listen to a podcast now. Hasta luego bitchachos.
Changed trains a couple of times, made it to 📌 Liège and walked 30 minutes to the insanely cool 📌 youth hostel (with good kitchen and included breakfast!!). Wish I would stay here longer, even just for the hostel! I could only check in at 3, so I had 3 hours to kill and I was crazy tired, like almost falling asleep in public tired and hungry! So I went to 📌 pick&collect, the strangest supermarket in the country I think! This is what I wrote down after paying:
“Just had the weirdest experience at a collect and go. Couldn’t find bread so I’m left with grapes, a banana and cream cheese. It’s a giant market, no lights and suddenly you stand in a giant fridge.”

After I went to 📌 carrefour and got bread! So that was my lunch. I stayed at the hostel until I could check in, checked in, changed outfit (wearing my new Brandy Melville jacket cause it’s actually quite cold here (not a fan). Big fan of the jacket tho!!! It keeps me fairly warm and is SUPER soft.

At half 3 I made a disgusting instant coffee cause I didn’t wanna be grumpy and headed out. I walked to same little street things (😶) called 📌 impasse (📌 Impasse de l’Ange (I think) 10/10 recommend) and they were beautiful. Then walked to the tower 📌 “tour paradis” to meet the belgian guy after one year!!! Felt less than that tho! We got a beer and sat by the 📌 river talking about the wedding and the Philippines and our travels.

We’ll book flights in 8 days, will travel around the islands in May for 2 weeks, will stay at hostels that cost 4€ a night and will stay at a 5 star hotel for 2 nights. Goodbye positve numbers on my bank account.

Later we went to a brasserie I forgot the name of 📌 _____ d’or. And I got the typical meatballs and fries! “Boulet à la liégeoise”, I gotta say, it was delicious. I am so stuffed (the Belgian guy paid (thx), so I obviously ate the whole thing!!!) now I can’t actually move. But I’m hella tired too so no need to do so.

I’m already exited for tomorrow’s breakfast at the hostel!

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