Tonight at 4 the scotish boys came back and were super quiet and were whispering. I was up obviously but I pretended to sleep but I had to smile the whole time, and actually went back to sleep!!!

When I left the hostel 2 of the boys were sitting in front of it cause they “partied a little harder than the others”. They also said with a fantastic scotish accent that it was “luvley to meet yo” (me).

7 am on a sunday morning is a fantastic time to take a train to Paris. I’ve got a whole ABTEIL (🤬) to myself, its quiet and dark. I’ve downloaded a podcast and it’s not too hot yet so it was a nice walk to the station.

There are so many police officers everywhere. Even at the platform they checked bags and my ticket. Wish I spoke french to understand why.

2 hours to go. I ate my food in the first few minutes and the guy sitting in front of me has bad breath.

Just bought my first metro ticket in Paris!

I got to the hostel (📌 perfect hotel and hostel), very clean, very nice, but I was early and couldn’t check in yet. So I went to the grocery store around the corner and bought yogurt, plums (no shit), pasta, canned veggies and tomato sauce (7,30€) I was hungry so I had yogurt, oats and plums and head out the door. I walked around the very crowded 📌 montmatre. There are many cute houses and streets and tourists and artists.

I took pictures and walked up and down hills until I got hungry again and paid 3,80€ for a chocolate chip cookie at a fancy cafe. I was planning on going out for brunch tomorrow morning aka spending a fortune an avocado toast with poached egg. When I got to the hostel to check in the guy told me that breakfast was included so goodbye fancy brunch!!

Don’t really have a plan for tomorrow. I’ll probably walk down to the Seine and see what I can find there.

My dorm is is the actual best thing on the planet. I can now cross off sitting on a balcony in France of my bucket list. It’s absolutely stunning, you can see part of the skyline and I have been sitting here for a few hours and drew the street. I don’t understand people who prefer going to a club over sitting on a balcony watching it get dark and seeing the lights in the far turn on.

At 6 I was ready to make dinner. I also met one of my roommates, from Chile. I grabbed my can, tomato sauce and pasta and went downstairs l, just to realize that there was no stove. So. What did I do? I microwaved my pasta for 9 minutes and it actually worked!!! I mixed the veggies and sauce, poured it over the pasta, put it in for another minute and it was actually really good! For dessert I had plums. What can I do, I’m obsessed!

Facetimed my parents who are on holiday, and now it’s almost dark (8:30) and I’m still on the balcony. I wanna stay here for ever.

I woke up, stayed in bed until 7:30 (sunrise time), stood on the best balcony to ever exist and watched the sun rise. Afterwards I went downstairs, without any expectations, to get the free breakfast. There were pastries, croissants and baguette. I also got orange juice, hot chocolate, butter and jam! And I went back to get more. It was free and delicious aka my favourite combination!!!! I had a lot of energy afterwards which was surprising regarding the amount of fat I just ate. I had a route planned out on google maps of places I wanted to see so I made my way down to 📌 C&A (a clothes shop). I basically walked from one shop to a mall and further on to another shop for miles on end. (23k steps)

I bought something at 📌 Brandy Melville, tried on a tone of things, even a dress at 📌 urban outfitters, I hated 📌 Galerie Lafayette, but liked the rooftop terrace. Here are notes I took on the longest walk ever (7 hours without sitting).

Suddenly I was holding a bra that costs 128€

Turns out I was in the wrong mall. Lafayette sucks. 📌 Citadium is the place to be.
Still didn’t find anything. I’m having a quarter life crises

Kn8w those shops you cross streets for just to go in and be heavily disappointed? That just happened to me and the disappointment was the price tag that said 260€.

📌 St germain is not only the best football team, it’s also the best quartier.

I accidentally keep bumping into all the sights I was trying to avoid. Ex.: 📌 Le Louvre

Le rouge et le verre

I was just thinking damn I didn’t spend any money today, and then I saw the Brandy Melville bag in my hand

At 3 I got hungry again so I walked back to the hostel (another 49 minutes), went to the store, got plums and apples and made myself lunch which turned out to be yogurt, apple and plums. Then I went to my fave (the balcony) and chilled, before getting hungry again and making the same dinner as yesterday.

Here’s how to cook pasta in a microwave:

  • Put pasta in a bowl
  • Pour boiling water on top so that the pasta is covered (be generous you can always pour away leftovers)
  • Put bowl on plate
  • Put plate/bowl in microwave for 3 minutes
  • Stir
  • Set another 3 minutes
  • Stir
  • 2 more minutes
  • Pour sauce on top
  • Put plate over bowl
  • Microwave for another minute
  • Done!

I’m obviously on the balcony y right now, listening to Sam Fender (my friend recommended him to me, 10/10 would recommend as well) and I just watched, well not the sunset cause we’re headed east here, but the sky was pink! Night, gotta get up at 5:30 tomorrow!

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