08/ 16-17/ 2019

Ready for the weekend!! I k ow the 16th is a friday cause it was one week til my birthday!!! Here’s what I did: *opens gallery and whatsapp*

In the morning during break everyone who was leaving got their certificates and we took some pictures.

So because it was Xulias last day, we went to mya, a giant club and we partied!!! We met for drinks in the evening at my place, had coffee, beer and salad and then got ready all together while listening to music. Honestly never had that much fun!

Afterwards we walked through the park to meet some other guys from school there. I drank a weird concoction of beverages and was in quite a good mood then. Has the italian guy been introduced? There was an itlaian guy. Introduction ✔.

Then we went to the club. I remember many people, a lot of dancing and taking pictures.

After partying until 5 or some crazy hour we took a taxi and went to a spanish fast food thing. I forgot what I got but it was similar to pizza. From there Juliette and I walked home together cause she stayed at my place.

I woke up at like 9 cause apparently my body thinks sleep is for the weak. Later that day we walked around 📌 Ruzafa, discovered many restaurants we would never go to and went grocery shopping!

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